Erie, PA, Breaks Its All-Time Snow Seasonal Snowfall Record

With 30 percent of its average snowfall yet to come.


As of 1 p.m. EST Wednesday, Erie, Pennsylvania’s seasonal snowfall total had climbed to 152.1 inches – more than 12 feet – breaking the previous snowiest season of 2000-01 which had 149.1 inches. Snowfall records date back to the 1931-32 winter season, according to the National Weather Service.

The average snowfall-to-date through February 5 for Erie is 69.6 inches, less than half of this year’s total.

About 30 inches of additional snow are generally expected through the remainder of the season.

Erie’s Christmas-week historic snowfall contributed to the new record.

From Christmas Eve through the morning of Dec. 27, Erie’s snow total reached an astounding 65.1 inches, 34 inches on Christmas Day alone, with an additional 26.5 inches on Dec. 26.

This event shattered several Erie snowfall records back to 1893, as well as a Pennsylvania state record, according to the National Weather Service office in Cleveland.

The new all-time record for two-day snowfall in the state of Pennsylvania of 60.5 inches set on Dec. 25-26 shattered the previous record of 44 inches in Morgantown on March 20-21, 1958

The new all-time record for snow in any single day in Erie of 34 inches set on Dec. 25 handily beat the previous record of 20 inches on Nov. 22, 1956

The new 24-hour snowfall record for Christmas day in Erie of 34 inches more than quadrupled the previous record of 8.1 inches set in 2002

And the new 24-hour snowfall record for Dec. 26 in Erie of 26.5 inches more than tripled the previous record of 8.2 inches set in 1926.

To top it all off, December turned out to be the snowiest month on record anywhere in Pennsylvania, according to the Pennsylvania state climatologist. The previous record of 113 inches was set in February 2010 at Laurel Summit in Somerset County.

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