Erupting Indonesia Volcano Traps Tourists

More than 200 tourists feared trapped on Mount Barujari after the volcano sent a massive column of ash 6,500 feet (2000 meters) into the sky.

No injuries have been reported thus far, but more than 250 people remained unaccounted for.

More than 1,100 tourists evacuated the mountain on Tuesday, and a similar number today.

Mount Barujari is a volcanic cone that sits inside the crater of Mount Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. It is located on the island of Lombok

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8 thoughts on “Erupting Indonesia Volcano Traps Tourists”

  1. An earthquake was forecast for that region but got the volcano instead, wow.
    Never trust a tourist eh.
    That is why did not wish to be a geologist or seismologist because volcanoes are so unpredictable.
    This is the busiest period on a short amount of time I have ever seen for the quakess, bet it becomes even more so as the sun goes more quite.

    Peace all

    • Volcanic eruptions are actually quite predictable, and the success rate the past 40 years has been good (early warnings, evacuations, etc). Maybe you are thinking earthquakes?

      • Documented sources show that volcanoes can and have erupted violently without prior quakes or rumblings. They are and always will be unpredictable as the earth is making dramatic changes in atmosphere and land masses!
        Dutch predicted an earthquake around the Barujari region, the earth quake faltered and did not happen. However the Mt. Barujari volcano went BOOM without warning signs ..
        One of several locations that have exploded without prior quakes etc..
        With the instruments we use today sad to say we will be unable to properly predict quakes and or volcanic activities without incident. We are getting better at both but many times leaving those involved scratching their heads.

        Peace All

  2. aus media reported planes no fly
    they didnt say how bad it was really
    250 missing is high, hope theyre just misplaced in the panic

  3. Hard to believe there was no notice in the form of earthquakes or something that the volcano was on the verge of eruption. If there was and it was announced, you’d wonder about the mental competence of those climbing it.

  4. A couple of years ago here in Japan a volcano errupted without warning, trapping and killing some hikers that were on there.
    They do go bang without warning sometimes.

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