Eruption puts Peru’s second-biggest city on alert

Sabancaya volcano sends column of ash more than two miles into the air.

Arequipa, Peru’s second-biggest city, is located a mere 43 miles from the volcano.

With a population of 860,000 people, the city is generally regarded as one of the most vulnerable cities in the world when it comes to volcano eruptions, with six – Sabancaya, El Misti, Ubinas, Huaynaputina, Ticsani and Tutupaca – all nearby.

Peru’s Institute of Geology,Minign and Extraction ranks Arequipa third in the world in measurements for vulnerability.

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3 thoughts on “Eruption puts Peru’s second-biggest city on alert”

  1. This could just be the beginning of what is to come. DUE to the extremely low sun spot count happening two years earlier than normal our magnetic protective shield around our little planet is dropping to new lows. Just like a wound, the more you poke it, the more it swells up. I am afraid without our red ball of fire spewing sun spots poking our magnetic shield our planet will destabilize and cause untold catastrophies.
    I sure hope I am wrong. I like it here.

  2. people there must like to live dangerously
    one volcano nearby is bad enough but six?
    id guess good soils and water were the original settlers idea of nice place to stay..downsides not so good. or downSLOPEs rather;-)

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