EU braces for potential gas crisis

The European Union is bracing for a possible energy crisis in the dead of winter as Russian gas supplies to some member states suddenly dwindle by up to 30 percent.

European Commission spokeswoman Marlene Holzner said Russia was going through an extremely cold spell (temperatures have dropped to minus 35C (-30F) and needed more gas to keep its citizens warm.

Gas deliveries this week slowed to France, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Italy.

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    • Not hardly. We don’t get natural gas from Russia, but the prices go up because of the war drums and profit skimming. As long as our government – and the EU – insist on beating the middle east war drums, the prices of petroleum products here and natural gas in Europe are going to remain high. Notice that the Ukraine isn’t apparently increasing natural gas to Europe, either, so let’s assume that the Russians DO think it more important to keep their people warm instead of sending the gas to Europe, where it probably will mostly be used to create more war goods anyway. After all, the EU is like the US government, don’t give a damn about “the people,” accept at tax collection time, and are more interested in maintaining the high standard of living for the ultra rich.

  1. Just a coincidence that russian natural gas supplies begin to dwindle at the worse possible time. Putin is tightning the screws on europe once again.

  2. HMM and didnt Gazprom and Germany do a special pipeline deal a while back, so that Russia could cut non paying countries like poland? off of supply without affecting geermany..didn’t take a lot of note of it, just remember reading about a second supply line.
    most of the affected countries DO have coal available just the Warmist UN IPCC agenda screwed up their industry, this may be the wake up call Europe needs, hard for the poor folks who have no say in the AGWstupid scenario though

  3. We have been told that burning coal or even wood is bad because it causes global warming. Many home owners and housing associations have converted to gas because it was ‘plentiful’ and relatively ‘cheap.’ But when the major supplier of our gas is a world super power who may reduce or even cut off supplies when it is politically expedient to do so, we need to have in place alternative heating arrangements for our homes.

  4. I don’t think this has anything to do with Putin. It has to do with Russia needing more gas for domestic consumption.

    I’m sure you’ll be re-elected by a landslide on: ‘Death to Russians, export all our gas to Europe’, won’t you?

  5. We call petrol for cars and gas for heating by one word in the USA. Isn’t Putin in the same place that Obama would/will be if we had insufficient gas to heat our homes in an election year?

  6. All these places seeing snow and freezing weather only local sorry to it’s no form of a iceage they could do with western uk snow free and had been this winter and for what’s left of it so I do believe that r kids here in Ireland will never see snow only on the mountains if lucky so climate gate must be right for some areas not even God can bring any form of snow you can wright about that’s how fell sorry folks but that’s the truth for Northwest
    Britain and all parts of Ireland and southeast Britain snowfall does cover the rest us in the Northwest has had its mildest winter I put my money on when the figures comes bye bye snow it was nice seeing you last year never to see u again so anybody who wants escape the snow come to Ireland u not see it full stop snow here will very very rare it’s started here first full winter season without a drop only thing now to go is the light frosts even them we had very little I did believe in global cooling not anymore why I’m saying this I never knew a year we had zero snow in Ireland Even with a strong jet stream so there must be truth of global warming if here had zero snow like I said way things are here not even God could bring snow to Ireland the way things are so come here it’s ice free don’t worry it snow here bye

    • What a load of claptrap! Just because you have no snow in your tiny little country you believe in global warming? Look at the BIG picture, the entire Earth and get your facts straight. Fact: The world has cooled by a half a degree in just the past year alone. Four degrees of cooling brings on an Ice Age.

  7. May just be the unexpected winter conditions and a production schedule that might have remained static. They have a new pipeline in the north, so it is mainly the southern regions affected. This storm might be a good wakeup call to Europe as the weather keeps getting less predictable. Energy production will need to develop greater flexibility as well. Politics aside.

  8. Of course the Russian gas industry wants to maximize its profits – like all other industries. Gas has also always been used by all countries (with a means to do so) as an effective tool of their geo-political strategy. I guess the Russians don’t publish their current oil production capacity numbers either, and I don’t blame them – neither do we 🙂
    But if the going ever gets too tough, as in another ice age or even mini-ice age, the tough is gonna get going first where gas supplies are no longer coming – because they were cut off due to (1) the political goal of saving one’s own citizens before those of foreign countries; (2) after all revenue and profit have been maximized to the fullest possible extent before the supposed country’s own citizenry become endangered due to lack of their own resources.

  9. “This explains clearly, why gas price are going up in the United States!”

    Brad.. the “gas” here is natural gas, not the “gas” .. or as we British call it.. petrol you put in your cars.

    However, in the US, natural gas wholesale prices are at their LOWEST in more than a decade due to a huge glut in production due to shale drillin. Price-gouging.. yes! Propane gas prices and natural gas prices to the consumer have RISEN by 65% in 3 years.

  10. Yes Laurel, that pipeline is called the Nord stream. The first line of it was finished last year, and a second line is going to be done end of year.

    Ukraine isn’t a net exporter of gas. They import like 75% of their gas. Russian gas transits through pipelines located in Ukraine to Europe proper.

  11. The Russians are cutting back because: #a. it’s cold there, and #b. Putin is miffed at the West’s support of the Syrian rebels, and the boycott of their client state, Iran.

  12. What this drop in exports probably means, given the extreme cold in places like Siberia, is that Russian consumption of natural gas is way up and their pipeline has less. There is also a possibility – Tucson Arizona had people die last year during the cold winter because the mechanical part of the natural gas distribution system froze and would not allow gas to be transmitted. This cut may not be price gouging or politics but have a more simple cause. If it keeps on getting colder, this would be more frightening because you can do something about price gouging and politics but nothing about overuse at the source and freezing equipment. Just ask the UK what happens when the wind farms freeze up!

  13. This question is for the brainy people who have responded to this article.

    Do you see a connection between the weakening magnetic field around the earth and the misfires of solar flares towards the earth?

    Has any research been done on this? I have asked Robert several times, but he is very busy.

    • Hi Win,

      I have read the book Magnetic reversal by Robert and its a one mind blowing book..The magnetic field is shifting, which is due to sun acting up…which is in turn causing the earth to cool down…Its all related.

      Google Elizabeth Klarer..she was a UFO contacte from 1950’s..She said…The humans living in Venus had to moved to other systems, due to sun acting up…Her contactee told that our sun is young and not has acted up in the past..and it will act up in the humans should be prepared for it…google for her complete story..its very facinating

    • I think you will find Roberts book covers you question already. yes as our Mag field weakens more- ingress of stuff we would rather not have hitting us is very likely, ie the uvB as well as the very real possibility of harmful radiation from space.
      the sun also does a mag flip every 11 years or so, ones also due there if not overdue.

  14. 1. The gas in the article is natural gas(ng) not gasoline.

    2. We (the US of A) do not import ng from Russia.

    3. Russia is experiencing a very nasty winter, even for them. They need more gas for themselves, thus they have less to export.

    4. No conspiracies, no squeezes.

  15. I wonder how many people are expecting to continue as usula in a time of low supplies or blackouts?
    ie they all expect to be able to be in seperate rooms multiple appliances ie tvs etc?
    and each room heated etc.
    the smart ones will be heating only vital areas, even if that means sleeping in the loungeroom for a while in a family group, hell give kids tents inside and try and make it fun:-0
    you can cook rice by absorption with one cup of hot water and no stove, just let it sit a while.
    and the old straw box cookers can be made with styrofoam and shredded paper for a modern version, food is heated to a boil then sealed in the cookpot, and placed in the box to cook without using more fuel. what we have is a badly prepared population. on purpose.

  16. SORRY TO CONTINUE OFF TOPIC. LAUREL AND JOHN I will reword my question. “In Magnetic Reversal” p. 154 the existence of giant magnetic ropes connecting earth’s upper atmo to the sun was confirmed by satellites. “We believe solar wind particles flow in along these ropes, providing energy for geomagnetic storms and auroras.” I was the person who alerted Robert to this BBC article in 2007.

    QUESTION: Is the reason for so few solar flares aimed towards earth is that these magnetic ropes cannot conduct them.

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