Euro Studies Support Global Cooling – Video

Four major European institutions all come out saying that this grand solar minimum will soon lower earth’s temperature by at least half a degree Celsius, if not more.

The four institutions, the Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos (PMOD), the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), ETH Zurich and the University of Bern, all have come out admitting that the sun dominates the earth’s climate.

They also admit that burning fossil fuels is less important than computer models first suggested. They even refer to previous times in history when abrupt climate change was brought on by the sun.

According to their calculations, it is going to cool from now until at least 2040. They attribute the cooling to what is known as the 60-year Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO).

Everything that you’ve been hearing about “the earth is going to keep warming to infinity” has just been proven wrong.

The video goes on to warn that, as a result of the cooling, food prices could soon double.

“This has wiped out societies every time it comes, not because it’s so cold, but because of the erratic growing and harvesting.”

Thanks to Don Brown for this video

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  1. I very much appreciate David’s focus and determination, but the earth will warm up during every solar cycle maximum as always, as the warmth comes from sufficiently high TSI, not from the absence of clouds; and cold comes from lack of sufficiently high TSI, as in now, not from mythical cosmic ray cooling cloud decks.

  2. Yea! There comes a time when truth will out.
    One of the last indicators will be when Lake Constance freezes from bank to bank and a man can drag a large Christmas tree over it. By then it will be too late.
    The US and Russia should consider Grain banks urgently, not for their own people but to support relief efforts for the growing Droughts in East Africa and following on in the Asian Sub Continent, over the next 6 years period, the extended period between the end of this Solar Cycle and the start to the rise to Solar Max of the expected very low output SC25.

  3. Wipes out societies every time it comes, starting to sound like an apocalypse fan boy, scare mongerer.

    How can the PDO have wiped out societies every 60 years?

    Sorry but our society has been around a little longer than 60 years

    • The 60 years refers to the number of years that the earth is cooling, not how often this occurs. The late 1700s where the English, French, and Spanish empires fell is the most recent example. Rome falling is probably the biggest example because the world entered the dark ages. Societies expand and succeed when food is plentiful, and collapse during famine.

      • The cycle is 172 years, 140 years warm period, 32 years cold. Just like clockwork, well, planetary clockwork!
        The cold period is enhanced by any number of VEI 5, 6 and 7 volcanic eruptions during and following the Sun’s trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre during each of the AMP affected solar cycles.
        All due to the moderating effects of the Jovian Gas giants on the Solar Systems’ BarryCentre, or Gravity Well. This gravity well isn’t fixed, it moves with the five major solar system bodies, and the Sun alters its orbital parameters to “fall around” its new location, generating gravity waves which affect the rocky inner planets, particularly those with molten cores, such as Venus and Earth.

  4. They aren’t the first scientists who have said this. Many have been saying it for years, including Mr Felix. Still, it’s good that they have admitted it. Wonder why they feel they can say this now?

  5. Could anyone give me the link to where they say that burning fossil fuels is less important than computer models suggest? I can’t find that.

    • They say it now because they are no longer certain of their warming alarmist messages.

      He who has the last word is usually what the public remember – what they said previously is often simply forgotten.

      If this weren’t true then societies would have lost all faith in the sciences long ago given that virtually every advance in science has been ridiculed and opposed by the “consensus” just before enough realise the incontrovertible logic of the advance they once ridiculed and begin supporting it.

      This usually occurs just before a Nobel Prize is awarded to those who were ridiculed and ostracized before their hypothesis becomes irresistible.

      I’m sure you can think of recent examples but the most obvious is the 2 scientists who said ulcers were not caused by stress but by bacteria.

      Their careers were destroyed over decades by the “experts” until one of them proved it beyond doubt by giving himself an ulcer by drinking a solution of the bacteria and developed an ulcer despite a previously clear history.

      Hell of a way to win a Nobel.

      These guys are hedging their bets now and it may well be that others may join them.

  6. ive built a small hothouse to try n get a prestart on seedlings for next summer
    this years cold nights and delayed warmth down in Vic Aus meant nothing even started to grow summercrops wise till after mid december
    i will be lucky to get the four pumpkins that did manage to grow (10vines)harvested ripe..its already down to under 20c days and under 10c nights

    • Here is SE Queensland our minimum night temperatures went from ~23-25°C to ~15-17°C in less than a fortnight after the cyclone passed through.

      Today was 14.5°C this morning – quite chilly for April 11 – normally this doesn’t happen for at least another month.

      Still warm during the day though – it was ~30°C yesterday.

  7. Well they won’t get invited to the next UN COP bun fight saying things like that. Mind you if Donald cuts the funding as promised it might be a lot less fun going to the next one anyway.

  8. Again it is a very low solar/increased albedo/lower sea surface temperature play for the climate moving forward.

    Albedo increase due to greater volcanic activity (major),increase in global cloud coverage/snow coverage as a consequence of very weak solar conditions.

    Lower overall sea surface temperatures as a result of a reduction of UV light again a consequence of very low solar conditions.

    It is that simple and concise no need to go on and on.

    • Hi Salvatore,
      Our comments regarding cyclic solar induced climate change are simply a squeaks in a thunderstorm in comparison to the howling gale from the Gullible Warmist, Carbon Credit fraudsters.
      In single issue politics, you stay on message. The fraud will eventually collapse, when is does the 2008 Sub-Prime fraud will look like a pillow fight in comparison to what is coming.

  9. More CO2 in the atmosphere since the age of the dinosaurs and yet the Earth has been cooling since 1991 !

    It’s probably time to put MORE CO2 into the atmosphere
    Just to stay warm


  10. An interesting shiny app to look at changes from stations in the US:

    Trends in SWMP parameters
    Created by Marcus W. Beck,, Todd O’Brien,
    This widget is an interactive tool to explore trends in SWMP data. Trends are described by an increase or decrease in values over time using a simple linear regression of summarized data. The regression for each station can be viewed by clicking on a map location. Trends at each station are plotted as circles that identify the direction and significance of the trend. The trend direction is blue for decreasing and red for increasing. The significance is indicated by radius of the circle and color shading where larger points with darkers colors indicate a strong trend. Original data are available from See the GitHub repository for source code. The data include observations through December 2016 (if available) and are current as of January 18, 2017. Please note that the use of simple regression to identify trends is for exploratory purposes only and may not be appropriate for all datasets. The map is centered at -58.81, -156.4 with a zoom level of 4.

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