Europe’s Winter roars into April

Arctic Blast to bring Sub-Zero Temperatures and Rare April Snow.

Beginning this weekend, brutal Arctic cold will engulf practically ALL of Europe sinking temperatures some 16C below-the-seasonal-average for many:

Resorts in the Alps have already reported 7-day snowfall totals of more than 5 feet (1.5+ m), with more on the way.GFS runs are predicting rare accumulating April snow during the next 14-or-so days, particularly in Norway, Sweden, NE Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, the Balkans, Italy, the Alps, Spain, and even the UK. vering-sub-zero-temps-and-rare-april-snow/

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  1. Yes, but the models predicted that, along with no snow, heat, rain, drought, El Nino, La Nina, hurricanes, no hurricanes, tornadoes, no tornadoes and others that will be added as they appear.

  2. Meanwhile here in Northern Europe it is sunny, plus 10 degrees, flowers are starting to bloom… But I guess it could all still change.

  3. Too bad this didn’t happen in January!
    But yes, this is FAR more important news in the long run than this krap going on right now in the MSM. If you stock up, it’s better to think about the reason being due to cold and snow which will certainly affect crops in the future. That’s what I tell people when I go shopping, even if they have a zombie look in their faces – which simply tells me they have NOT been educated on the next ice age or this website!
    Good thing I cancelled my cable 10 years ago. Don’t want it – neither do I miss it. I can always watch entertaining snow and ice vids or old Western movies on YT.

  4. The UK has been receiving easterly winds for over a week with frosts even in the south-east, and now the wind has turned to the north-east. We have a static high pressure in the Atlantic which is bringing us the cold winds. It is very sunny though and there is some warmth in the sun.

  5. Here in .dk we had snow last night, for the second time this winter. It melted instantly when reaching the ground, but it WAS snow! 🙂

  6. Winter is also holding on in usually balmy southwestern Utah, where we’ll typically be over 100 F. in 6 weeks or so. The record low for today is 33, which we didn’t hit last night, due to overcast (but the high today will be 15 F. below average.) However, yesterday morning it was 33 here at 8:30 a.m., so I suspect we were below freezing Friday night, a cold, clear night, and it was probably a record low for March 28th.

  7. As reported at

    A brutal and extensive swathe of sub-zero temperatures has engulfed much of Europe, ravaging farmers’ fields throughout Northern Italy, much of Poland, and the Ukraine.

    Italian farmers’ group Coldiretti issued a report on March 24, revealing a “difficult situation” throughout a significant part of the Italian peninsula, with frost-damage recorded from Lombardy to Emilia Romagna and from Veneto to Puglia.

    Temperatures as low as -6C (21.2F) were recorded in Emilia Romagna.

    As reported by, the Coldiretti statement identified that apple, pear, peach, apricot, and almond trees had begun flowering, while cherry and plum trees were now also in bloom, and that these frosts have already destroyed many a harvest.

    Massimo Franchini, a peach and apricot producer from Casal Fiumanese, reported as well that there is nothing left of his plantation. “I do not know how long it lasted, but enough to damage every single fruit.”

  8. Check the Aljazeera weather bulletins. They have changed the shading of the continents to hide areas with expected snowfall. Previously the white shading for snowfalls were conspicuous. I guess this was embarrassing and inconvenient for AGW propaganda.

  9. Dear Robert, Great article as usual! I would like to mention a few points that most people are overlooking. 1) Our weather has been ‘controlled’ to some degree in certain parts of the world – for quite some time when it suits the purpose of the ‘elite’. 2) Concerning the COVID-19 it would not surprise me at all – if suddenly after an exceptionally very wet and mild wnter in the UK (AGAIN), that the weather turns very cold1 Why? In studying COVID-19, we find that the ideal temp for it spreading the CORONAVIRUS is between 5-11C according to professionals. So now that the weather could get balmy and warm in April, it could be a good time to bring down the temperature if you know how to ‘CONTROL it’ using the JETSTREAM – which the UK does – when it wants to. Of course that is asssuming that someone wants the COVID-19 to spread! Now why would anyone in their right mind want that to happen you very well might ask? That way ‘the powers’ that be’ (not the immediate government – but the controller billionares and trillionares) could have an agenda of EUGENICS with COVID-19. Is this a possibility? The ‘elite’ try to keep it unusally warmer in the UK winters of late – probably so that they can keep boasting of the ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ MANTRA – when it simply is not true. God help us all when the very cold new ICE-AGE sets in in spite of their feeble ‘weather machines’ of H.A.AR.P and CHEMTRAILS. Best Wishes -Steve :

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