Even MORE snow for Minnesota

Another 6 to 9 inches (15 to 22 cm)

National Weather Service – Thwin Cities, Minnesota – 17 Apr 2018

Accumulating snow expected late Tuesday night through Wednesday

• Heaviest snow (6-9”) expected across south central MN along the
I-90 corridor and I-35 south of the Twin Cities
• Winter storm warning in effect for far southern MN
• Winter weather advisory in effect southern third MN

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link

2 thoughts on “Even MORE snow for Minnesota”

  1. It’s snowing in Minnesota. It’s also putting down a swath of snow further South. Looks like it might be headed tpwards Chicago, have to wait and see. They said the temperatures for the upper midwest have been average for Fairbanks Alaska this time of year.

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