Even RT News calls it a “cold snap”

“From Istanbul to Moscow, cold snap wreaks havoc across Europe, reads the headline.

“RT (Russia Today), is considered to be a Kremlin propaganda medium and it would be involved in the so-called Russian hacking story,” says reader Argiris Diamantis.

“However, they bring the news of the bone chilling cold in Europe, and our so-called free press, the Dutch MSM, keeps quiet about it. They are downplaying the recent snowstorm in Istanbul rather than exaggerating this news item.

“On Turkish media I found up to 110 cm of snowfall in parts of Istanbul. BTW the Caspian Sea has nothing to do with Istanbul, it is located east of Turkey, between Russia and Iran.”

Here’s what RT News had to say about the “cold snap”:

“Bone-freezing cold, heavy snowstorms, and floods have been plaguing the European continent this week, causing power outages, traffic jams, cancelled flights.”

On Saturday, heavy snowfall paralyzed Istanbul, Turkey. Many drivers abandoned their cars and walked rather than waiting for streets to be cleaned. Around 6,000 passengers were stranded as hundreds of flights to and from Ataturk Airport were cancelled.

The Bosphorus Strait was closed to ships, cutting off the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea from the Mediterranean.



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14 thoughts on “Even RT News calls it a “cold snap””

  1. Now we have to worry about the length of a cold snap, I think it’s just an old expression because things do have a tendency to snap when it gets cold, metal, wood,poly products and ice. I guess a very long cold snap may be considered an ice age, maybe soon.

    • Quote:
      The Bosporus Strait was closed to ships, cutting off the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea from the Mediterranean.
      This is correct; the Russians have a major canal system capable of carry large trading vessels and destroyer sized military vessels between the two seas. The Russians have launched sea based cruise missile attacks against Syrian combatants apposed the current regime, ignoring ISIS until quite recently.
      The Aral sea is not so lucky. However, Aral sea may be a victim of the recent Solar Warm period from 1940 to 2008 as well as ill-advised irrigation from Soviet 5 year planning following the 2nd WW.

  2. Here in oz it used to be 5 days above 35 or was it 40c to be called a heat wave now days we get two days above 30 and heat wave is thrown about anything above 35 c is considered extreme.

    Only the dumb fall for this problem is most are dumb.

    The barossa where I live has the grape vintage delayed by a month but its shssssss don’t mention that its ” oh the weather is soooooo extreme ” WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE

  3. A cold snap is ‘a sudden short period of cold weather’. So I think they’re trying to play it down. Note that they’re now calling one or two days of very hot weather a heat wave. They’re twisting the language to suit themselves.

  4. RT is no less agitprop than any of the MSM american sources biased in their own crappy lying to mislead and enhance the supposed “superiority” and “preciousness” that dweebs like bummer n buddies want to ram down your throats.
    oddly enough they manage to let people worldwide actually SEE and read items that american msm dont even mention..
    because the world seems to stop at your borders unless its somewhere being screwed on trade or blown to bits!

    • I regularly watch RT on a California public tv station or on youtube. They don’t say bad things about the Russian government or Putin, but everything else seems fair game.

      Some of the shows are straight news (certainly less biased than MSNBC IMHO ) while others can be from the looney side of left with corporate conspiracy stories. Yet others can lean a bit right. Then there is Larry King doing what he always does.

      You also get video from the Russian side of war zones like Allepo.

      Overall, I see little propaganda in it. Just a Russian POV and little Russian self criticism. I rank it better than CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and a few others for decent and different news coverage.

      When EVERY us news show has the same story running (as today with Sessions confirmation) they can offer great relief from the boredom…

  5. The question is when is a cold snap, not a cold snap? I always thought a cold snap was a couple of days of cold weather.

  6. “The Bosphorus Strait was closed to ships, cutting off the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea from the Mediterranean.” Wow.

    For centuries, the Russians have always fought for a warm water port. (i.e. Crimea) The coming cold period will eliminate that and will result in more geopolitical problems.

    Global cooling will lead to more political and military issues than global warming ever could.

    • Yes, I think that if you look at the history books, global cooling has always lead to more military issues. Makes sense.

  7. How could the author of the RT news story think the Caspian Sea is linked to the Med ?? Sea of Azov maybe but it links to the Black Sea not the Med.

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