Even the BBC reports more – and heavier – avalanches in Colorado than in a century

Video – “Why is Colorado having so many avalanches?”  

Dr Ethan Greene from Colorado Avalanche Information Center explains what’s been happening.

“In the first nine days of March we documented about 472 avalanches.”

We’ve had the most avalanches in decades, in some cases more than a century, says Greene.


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8 thoughts on “Even the BBC reports more – and heavier – avalanches in Colorado than in a century”

  1. Who was in Colorado, in 1919, counting avalanches? Really.

    There could have been more, or less, but just about nobody lived outside the cities, and if they did, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of valleys were nobody would, or could, observe an avalanche.

  2. So, what is your point?? Is it that the avalanche occurrence is not historic or way above average. Look at the snowpack and avalanches … it is amazingly high.

    • The point being made is the number of avalanches per ex number of years is a statics construct it is not based on reality. I would suggest that snow conditions and how wet and heavy the snow is plays a much larger role. Spring snow always generates more avalanches particularly when it lies on top a frozen crust of power snow, and forms platelets. As do wide variations in temperature during the day which is to be expected during Spring.
      Equally, I would suggest similar periods of low solar energy outputs period, particularly with atmospheric blocking causing winter long cold northerly flows, produce similar condition of high snow pack. For example the period 1890 to 1940 and 1965 to 1985 and this modern cool period from 2005 to present day.

    • “Historic”?

      We have no records from 1650…..none from 1000 AD….none from 1780…all colder than today……

      Records, reliable records, go back, maybe, 100 years.

      Thus, it is impossible, and foolish to say “Coldest, or Warmest on Record” when that is fraud and misrepresentation, since the writer is trying to say the lie, “WARMEST IN THE HISTORY OF THE EXISTENCE OF EARTH”, but have no idea.

      Words have meanings (at least they used to)

      It has been both COLDER and HOTTER in the past.

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