Have you ever seen a flock of polar bears?

At least 230 polar bears in one place.

A bowhead whale beached on Wrangell island in the Arctic Ocean, and the opportunistic bears quickly moved in.

From a distance it looked like a flock of sheep, but rangers on the remote island calculated that at least 230 polar ravenous polar bears had arrived to devour the free meal.

“They included single males, single females, mothers with cubs and and even two mothers with four cubs each,” reports the Siberian Times.

I thought polar bears were supposed to be endangered.

See many photos:

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6 thoughts on “Have you ever seen a flock of polar bears?”

  1. “I thought polar bears were supposed to be endangered.”
    I thought they were mostly solitary…
    From https://beartrust.org/polar-bear

    “Polar bears tend to be solitary animals except for females accompanied by cubs. Adult males can be social during the ice-free period and have been observed play-fighting. Their home ranges overlap; polar bears are not territorial.”

    Certainly this tends to indicate that 230 in one place is very unusual.

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