Evolution at work – Survival of the fittest

Jaguar takes down a caiman, a cousin of the crocodile. Watch short video.

Nothing to do with the climate, but I found it fascinating.

Thanks to Yogi for this video

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  1. Actually you might be able to work this video around to a degree where it has something to do with climate, or at least Alarmist attitudes, which often tend to be tenderhearted to the extreme, requiring “safe-rooms” for snowflakes to go when upset.

    Nature has its brutal side, which can bruise the tenderhearted. This is not merely due to the fact the ecology requires voracious carnivores to stay in balance, but also because the climate goes through swings from “warm periods” to “cold periods” to stay in balance.

    All you need to do is look back to the Medieval Warm Period shifting to the Little Ice Age, in history books, and there is much to see that will horrify a snowflake. As I recall a quarter of the population of Finland starved to death. Judging from skeletons, the average height of an adult European shrank by three inches. There were no “safe-rooms”, (yet people still managed to find time to write some great music).

    There. You see? That very cool video does have to do with “climate change”…..sort of. All the same, you’d never get me jumping into a river to grab a caiman. That jaguar’s got guts. (Either that, or he was very hungry).

  2. That Jaguar had allot of courage!
    But I thought magnetic reversals are far more important….

  3. Perhaps he means mammals succeeding reptiles. But we had some help from an asteroid. Maybe the luckier species survive (if you call being alive lucky– sometimes I wonder). Larry Niven explored that in the Ringworld books. Great science fiction. I can still see the Ringworld in my mind mind’s eye after 45 years…

  4. Thanks for that amazing video. I knew Jaguars were powerful animals but didnt realize they could take a croc cousin in the water.

  5. Wear a scarf with a big face pinned to your backpack. That averts attack from behind ( to the cougar’s mind ).

    I have had 2 very close encounters with stalking cougars while camping in the Mojave.

    Do not sleep on the ground. That is an open invitation to dinner for the cougar.

  6. Or in the case of ‘our’ species… social Darwinism = survival of the richest on a managerial scientism tip of course. damn you Bertrand russell!!.

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