Exceptional cold in Brazil – Large rice plantation losses feared

More cold-trend indications for Southern Hemisphere.
And another moderate to stronger polar mass for the season on days 22 – 26/Feb (South Brazil)

Very low temperature for the time of year at dawn and late night. Minimal; 10/17 ° C in most of the state, between 10/17 ° C in most of the coast and a good part of the Itajaí valley and between 3/6 ° C in several points of the top of the mountain, low and isolated frost valleys . Highs between 22/29 ° C in most of SC, 20/23 ° C at the top of the mountain / towns + of 1200/1300 m, between 33/36 ° C in isolated points of the western end. On the beaches between 23/26 ° C.

Many rice plantations on the south and upper middle coast of the Itajaí valley may have minimums between 10/14 ° C (those that have flowering or grain filling, may have large losses to totals). (Emphasis included in original article.)


First half of February totally out of the summer pattern, that is, mild or even cold. Map (link below) shows the negative deviation from the mean.



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3 thoughts on “Exceptional cold in Brazil – Large rice plantation losses feared”

  1. The tropics are going to be squeezed into a small area during the ice age. That I think argues for tropical flora and fauna conservation if we are to retain the benefits of what the tropics have to offer humanity over the long haul.

  2. Since beginning of the second half of January temperatures have decreased considerably in the south of Brazil especially from mid to eastern zones. In Porto Alegre (30°S), capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, temperature has seldom reached 30°C which is abnormal for the season. In the mountains (ranging from 800m to 1400m height) temperatures had reached down to 4°C. In the State of Santa Catarina there were accounted 10 episodes of frosts since the beginning of the Summer (half of them in 2018). All episoded of temperature climbing were short and followed by rain (sometimes with strong wind too).

  3. I live in Brazil and i can say this summer is too mild.
    We haven’t reached tempetures above 30ºC in my city ( Pouso Alegre – Minas Gerais)

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