Excessive heat in California prompts hypothermia warning (yes, you read that right)

Also in Nevada and Arizona.

Temperatures are climbing past 40°C (104F) in parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona prompting authorities to issue an excessive heat warning about … hypothermia?

The extreme heat is causing a rapid melt of snow that had fallen on some northern Nevada ranges, including in northeast Humboldt County, the Jarbidge Wilderness, and the Ruby and East Humboldt Ranges, among others.

All of that snow is flowing into Central California rivers and streams, and officials are warning residents to avoid taking a dip in the icy water.

“Brief exposure to the cold water of a river or stream may lead to hypothermia,” the National Weather Service says in a statement.


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13 thoughts on “Excessive heat in California prompts hypothermia warning (yes, you read that right)”

  1. Like if it starts snowing then people might start shoveling snow and cause hyperthermia from wearing too many layers of clothes and all the exertion could also lead to having a heart attack… therefore snow and cold causes hypothermia and could also cause heart attacks and if you have any previous cold virus antibodies in your blood it would counts as a Covid-19 statistic. This logic is the new normal.
    The New Normal – If This Doesn’t Wake You Up Nothing Will

    • LMAO. Gee, it’s almost like they all read from the same script. I guess “temporary inconvenience” (aka “the truth”) doesn’t suit their dictatorial power grad.

    • Communist China is the new normal from which the New Amerika will be forged. Truth is irrelevant in the new normal and only the little egotistical dictators speak “truth.” The new Amerikans will be like the faceless masses in China thanks to the mask wearing. Your neighbor will be a snitch and food “shortages” will be the status quo. The plan is to reduce the greatest nation in the world to a 3rd world state and thus far it is working out amazingly well for the traitors ruling over us. The traitors were astounded that America bowed down so quickly and completely to the Chinese coronavirus threat. Now is the time of decision and Americans will have to stand up and FIGHT BACK! If you don’t then you help to make the “new normal” permanent and the coming Amerika will NOT be a nation in which you, your children, or your grandchildren wish to live. Sorry for the rant BUT this is all about POLITICS not some super alien coronavirus taken from a “B” movie script and passed off as “reality.” As for me and my house we will NOT submit to the “new normal”!!

    • Just fine. Too fine for the nannies I guess. Control freaks want to tell everyone what they can do and when they can do it. They are self important micro managing dictators.

  2. That’s what you get with an approaching ice age – more winter snow melts in summer and the streams become icy!

  3. Californians should be used to it… ha ha. The first time I jumped into the Pacific, that would be Laguna Beach (south of LA) it was about 95 degrees F; but the water was so cold I promptly jumped right out of it again. Was colder than the one time I tried swimming in the beach in Maine. It turns out California gets it’s ocean currents down from Alaska.

  4. This doesn’t need a warning. It is normal. Besides, most of our rivers now have lakes and dams on them so the snow melt stops at the lake.

    One spring about 1970, I was camping near Quincy in the Sierra Nevada. As the afternoon got hot, air temp about 75 F and rocks in the sun nearer 100 F surface temps:

    We decided to swim in the creek. Dove in and immediately came up out of the water on a big boulder in the middle. Very cold! After warming some, got to make the return plunge. Walking around a bend, found snow patches still in shady spots putting snow melt in the creek…

    I use that (vivid) memory to illustrate the sillyness of air temperature and averages to define global warming. Just what WAS the temperature there? 32 F snow and creek? 75 F air? 90 to 100 F sunny surfaces? 50 F air near the snow?

    Temperature is an intrinsic property of one single object and can not be averaged across objects eithout losing meaning.

  5. As one who lives in the California Sierra Nevada foothills, the American river is always a destination to recreate in the hot or any weather. The area is full of gold rush history.
    “Everyone” knows that the river is fed by snow melt and it is cold, very cold, except in select spots, where pooling and such warms the water up a bit. There are even signs in recreation areas warning people to stay out, but, sadly, every year, a few people loose their lives from going out too far in the swift and cold water, and can’t get back to the shore, life vest or no; usually no.
    I can’t imagine the life the old timers of the gold rush had, standing in that “freezing” water, gold panning, trying to find some “color”, so they could go to town on the weekend and “go to church.”

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