Exiting the Mad Hatter’s climate tea party

President Trump has rejected and exited the Paris climate treaty – walked America away from the Mad Hatter tea party that was the entire multi-decade, often hysterical and always computer model-driven UN climate process.

This article by Paul Driessen explains why this bold move was the 100% right, ethical, moral and scientific thing to do: for the economic security of American workers and families … and the betterment of all mankind.

The Heritage Foundation says Paris restrictions would cost average US families $30,000 in cumulative higher electricity prices over the next decade.

Exiting the Mad Hatter’s climate tea party

Trump was 100% right (not just 97%) to show real leadership and walk away from Paris

By Paul Driessen

I can guess why a raven is like a writing-desk, Alice said. “Do you mean you think you can find out the answer?” said the March Hare. “Exactly so,” said Alice. “Then you should say what you mean,” the March Hare went on. “I do,” Alice replied. “At least I mean what I say. That’s the same thing, you know.”

“Not the same thing a bit!” said the Hatter. “You might just as well say, ‘I see what I eat’ is the same thing as ‘I eat what I see’!” “You might just as well say,” added the Dormouse, ‘I breathe when I sleep’ is the same thing as ‘I sleep when I breathe’!” “It IS the same thing with you,” said the Hatter.

Can you imagine stumbling upon the Mad Hatter’s tea party, watching as the discussions become increasingly absurd – and yet wanting a permanent seat at the table? Could Lewis Carroll have been having nightmares about the Paris climate treaty when he wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

President Trump was 100% correct (not just 97%) when he showed true leadership this week – and walked America away from the madness laid out before him and us on the Paris climate table.

From suggestions that Earth’s climate was balmy and stable until the modern industrial era, to assertions that humans can prevent climate change and extreme weather events by controlling atmospheric carbon dioxide levels – to claims that withdrawing from Paris would “imperil our planet’s very survival” – the entire process has been driven by computer models and hysteria that have no basis in empirical science.

No convincing real-world evidence

There is no convincing real-world evidence that plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide has replaced the powerful natural forces that have driven Earth’s climate from time immemorial. Moreover, even if the United States totally eliminated its fossil fuels, atmospheric CO2 levels would continue to climb. China and India are building new coal-fired power plants at a feverish clip. So is Germany. And China is financing or building dozens of additional coal-burning electricity generators in Africa, Asia and elsewhere.

Plus, even if alarmists are right about CO2, and every nation met its commitments under Paris, average planetary temperatures in 2100 would be just 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.3 F) lower than if we did nothing.

They want America to shackle its economy

But “our closest allies” wanted Trump to abide by Obama’s commitment. Some did, because they want America to shackle its economy and drive energy prices into the stratosphere the same way they have. Others dearly want to follow a real leader, and walk away from the mad Paris tea party themselves.

But even poor countries signed the Paris treaty. Yes, they did – because they are under no obligation to reduce their coal, oil or natural gas use or their CO2 emissions. And because they were promised $100 billion a year in cash, plus free state-of-the-art energy technologies, from developed nations that would have become FMCs (formerly rich countries) as they slashed their energy use and de-industrialized.

But the Paris climate treaty was voluntary; the United States wouldn’t have to do all this. Right. Just like it’s voluntary for you to pay your taxes. China, India and poor developing countries don’t have to do anything. But the USA would have been obligated to slash its oil, gas and coal use and carbon dioxide emissions. It could impose tougher restrictions, but it could not weaken them. And make no mistake: our laws, Constitution, legal system, the Treaty on Treaties and endless lawsuits by environmentalist pressure groups before friendly judges would have ensured compliance and ever more punishing restrictions.

But hundreds of companies say we should have remained in Paris. Of course they do. Follow the money.

$4-trillion-per-year global carbon tax

If we are to avoid a climate cataclysm, “leading experts” say, the world must impose a $4-trillion-per-year global carbon tax, and spend $6.5 trillion a year until 2030 to switch every nation on Earth from fossil fuels to renewable energy. That’s a lot of loot for bankers, bureaucrats and crony corporatists.

But, they assure us, this transition and spending would bring unimaginable job creation and prosperity. If you believe that, you’d feel right at home in Alice’s Wonderland and Looking Glass world.

Who do you suppose would pay those princely sums? Whose jobs would be secure, and whose would be expendable: sacrificed on the altar of climate alarmism? Here’s the Planet Earth reality.

Right now, fossil fuels provide 80% of all the energy consumed in the USA – reliably and affordably, from relatively small land areas. Wind and solar account for 2% of overall energy needs, expensively and intermittently, from facilities across millions of acres. Biofuels provide 3% – mostly from corn grown on nearly 40 million acres. About 3% comes from hydroelectric, 3% from wood and trash, 9% from nuclear.

Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and other states that generate electricity with our abundant coal and natural gas pay 8 to 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. California, Connecticut, New York and other states that impose wind, solar and anti-fossil fuel mandates pay 15 to 18 cents. Families in closely allied ultra-green Euro countries pay an average of 26 US cents per kWh, but 36 cents in Germany, 37 cents in Denmark.

Cutting back on food to pay for electricity

EU manufacturers are already warning that these prices could send companies, factories, jobs and CO2 emissions to China and other non-Euro countries. EU electricity prices have skyrocketed 55% since 2005; 40% of UK households are cutting back on food and other essentials, to pay for electricity; a tenth of all EU families now live in green energy poverty. Elderly people are dying because they can’t afford heat!

The Paris treaty would have done the same to the United States, and worse.

Would cost average US families $30,000

The Heritage Foundation says Paris restrictions would cost average US families $30,000 in cumulative higher electricity prices over the next decade. How much of their rent, mortgage, medical, food, clothing, college and retirement budgets would they cut? Paris would eliminate 400,000 high-pay manufacturing, construction and other jobs – and shrink the US economy by $2.5 trillion by 2027. Other analysts put the costs of remaining in Paris much higher than this – again for no climate or environmental benefits.

Big hospitals like Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Comprehensive Cancer Center in Winston-Salem, NC and Inova Fairfax Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Northern Virginia pay about $1.5 million per year at 9 cents/kWh – but $3 million annually at 18 cents … $5 million at 30 cents … and nearly $7 million at 40 cents. How many jobs and medical services would those rate hikes wipe out?

Malls, factories and entire energy-intensive industries would be eliminated. Like families and small businesses, they would also face the new reality of having pricey electricity when it happens to be available, off and on all day, all week, when the wind blows or sun shines, instead of when it’s needed. Drilling and fracking, gasoline and diesel prices, trucking and travel, would also have been hard hit.

Americans are largely prohibited from mining iron, gold, copper, rare earth and other metals in the USA. Paris treaty energy prices and disruptions would have ensured that American workers could not turn metals from anywhere into anything – not even wind turbines, solar panels or ethanol distillation plants.

Most of the “bountiful” renewable energy utopia jobs would have been transporting, installing and maintaining wind turbines and solar panels made in China. Even growing corn and converting it to ethanol would have been made cost-prohibitive. But there would have been jobs for bureaucrats who write and enforce the anti-energy rules – and process millions of new unemployment and welfare checks.

All pain, no gain, no jobs, no future

Simply put, the Paris climate treaty was a terrible deal for the United States: all pain, no gain, no jobs, no future for the vast majority of Americans – with benefits flowing only to politicians, bureaucrats and crony capitalists. President Trump refused to ignore the realities of this economic suicide pact, this attempted global government control of American lives, livelihoods and living standards.

That is why he formally declared that the United States is withdrawing from the treaty. He could now submit it for advice, consent – and rejection – by the Senate. He could also withdraw the United States from the underlying UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, or negotiate that reflects empirical science and is fair to America and its families and workers. But what is really important now is this:

We are out of Paris! President Trump is leading the world back from the climate insanity precipice.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (www.CFACT.org) and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.

14 thoughts on “Exiting the Mad Hatter’s climate tea party

  1. At least, since Putin signed onto the Paris Accord, the media won’t be able to say that Trump was Putin’s puppet withdrawing from the agreement. They won’t be able to say “oh those dastardly Russians did it again.” At least in this one area, there will be relief from “Putin’s puppet, Putin’s puppet.” Who knows, maybe there is still hope that America can find its way back to being the nation it once was – before the everlasting, overseas wars!

    • Wow… you nailed it. The US is in a very sorry state– the Founding Fathers would hardly believe the notions put forward by half the electorate and the Supreme Court over these last few decades. We have reached a point where the Republic can fail and that makes us no better than Greece or Rome. We did not heed the warning signs and we will fall, just as they did, from within.
      The traitorous LEFT, intent as it is in self preservation and agrandissement , is willingly letting this country veer into oblivion. THEY want to be the rulers of the ONE world government when the US collpases and to rule with an iron hand. God spare us this atrocity.

  2. Just think of all of the industrial uses of electricity that would suddenly be rendered useless and unworkable. Cracking oil for gasoline and distillates, aluminum refining, titanium refining, pharmaceuticals, street lighting, computing, refrigeration, agriculture, fertilizers…..

    I am convinced that the Ludites of our time are the AGW alarmists and schemers. They are also the hypocrites of our time as I dont see any of them giving up their cars, private jets, yachts, refrigerators or HVAC for the cause.

    Trump made the right decision for America, and those that complain are the same factions that would have profited on generous taxing and fee schema set forth by this plan, and the decline of the US economy.

    Common sense says that modern civilization and economic growth has come from cheap energy. Energy returned on investment EROI determines the growth of the economy. The last time this ratio was at its highest was in the early 1900’s, its been declining ever since.

    Most interesting in all of this is the EROI of coal. Coal has one of the highest EROI of any of the carbon fuels at 60 – 80:1. Funny how the source that holds so much energy returned for energy expended to recover it, is the source most derided by the AGW crowd. Perhaps affordable efficient energy for USA isn’t the real agenda here in my opinion.

    • “Just think of all of the industrial uses of electricity that would suddenly be rendered useless and unworkable.”

      You forgot to mention water purification, pumping, sewage treatment and disposal, safe food storage and safe medical facilities – just to name a few essential services reliable energy provides.

      People who advocate “keep it in the ground” should put their money where their mouth is and live without electricity and all hydrocarbon energy for a few months – how many would last more than a week ?

  3. Quote:
    Elderly people are dying because they can’t afford heat!
    Comment: The UK government has discriminated against pensioners and the elderly poor, since the First World War, as killing them off during winter is beneficial to the UK borrowing requirement, as they don’t then take out the majority of the NI person they have accrued. This lottery is what National Insurance pensions is all about; the long lived few, spend the remaining limited resources provided by the many via their NI payments.
    Both Major UK political parties have subscribed to this legal Ponzi scheme, with Labour introducing it in 1947 in the first place, and then using the excess NI proceeds during their last Government spending spree prior to the 2008 crash.
    It is only those with fairly large final salary pension schemes have avoided this trap of no money to pay for heating, coupled with the Meridional warm winters since 2010, and the need for heat during January to March for the pensioner poor. It has also helped significantly that the last two governments in the UK has introduced policies to reduce pensioner poverty with the triple lock.
    The winter weather we can expect over the next 20 years with the developing effects of the this Modern GSM will be significantly worse than what we have experience since the end of 20 year Solar Warm Period and the so called warming pause since.

  4. So where are the protesters, marchers and rioters on the streets?
    Where is the spontaneous mass eruption of righteous indignation and outrage from the overwhelming 95% who believe without doubt that Trump has signed the death warrant of the planet and consigned them to a fiery future?
    Not in my parish, county or country or I am sure it would be in evidence by now.

    • good point!
      so far its the glitterati with investments in green and a$$holes lie taxpayer funding bloodsuckers like EEEElon muskrat who are doing the bitchin
      and the mainstream talking airheads on the also green invested pension funds etc media
      funny that!

  5. Totally agree!
    President Trump has somehow managed to retain his common sense on this VITAL issue.
    I hope it means he’s going to do the same for his other major promises – no more foreign wars and no more “free trade” scams.
    But it’s horrifying to see almost the whole world’s “media” and governments parroting utter nonsense about CO2 and climate!

  6. All I can say is THANK YOU MR. TRUMP!

    After working over 50 years and all that time paying taxes, Social Security, and Medicare taxes … I may have to retire in the next year or two due to health concerns. In theory I would be able to get a piddly pension (covers mostly my health insurance, not much left after that and taxed to boot!) and a modest social security income. I have also scrimped and saved for years, but without getting very far in savings due to working in jobs that were mostly low (in the early years) to modest pay. I never married and do not own a home (not even remotely affordable on one income in any place I’ve lived to get better jobs).

    Housing, food, utilities, transportation, health care expenses and very basic other needed expenses are all very high right now, about 10X the cost of what most of those things cost when I was young. Add to that another $30K bill to pay a “carbon tax”? It would put me well into the cat-food and poor house (which no longer exists) category. Not the way I want to end my life.

  7. Well, if there’s one thing that a hard-nosed business man like Trump should be able to be relied on to do, it’s to get out of something that’s ridiculous and unprofitable. Don’t know what he’s going to do about getting out of American politics now, but this is a good first step for him! 🙂

  8. Yes, but Trump’s Trexit is going to be pointless, more than 1,400 states, cities, and corporations, have already indicated they will remain in the Paris Agreement even if the US pulls out, and more will follow.

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