Experts shocked by the rise in NON-Covid-19 deaths

“Killed by the Lockdown”

Experts shocked by the rise in NON-Covid-19 deaths


I have hens. Normally they think s-l-o-w-l-y. I pat my knee in invitation to Big Mama. She looks at me, cocks her head, imagines what might be in my closed hand & finally jumps up– sometimes a full 30 seconds later. But let another hen give an alarm call and she is instantly under the bushes: The fear reflex has taken over, obliterating the necessity for thought. Maybe a human equivalent explains this:

Killed by the Lockdown

England and Wales have experienced a record number of deaths in a single week, with 6,000 more than average for this time of year. The figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed the highest weekly death total in England and Wales — 16,387 — since recording began in 2005, but many were not recorded as being related to Covid-19.

“Only half of those extra numbers were attributed to the coronavirus. Experts said they were shocked by the rise, particularly in non-Covid-19 deaths, and expressed concern that the lockdown might be having unintended consequences for people’s health.

“There are fears that patients are not seeking help for life-threatening conditions, including heart attacks, because they are worried about catching coronavirus in hospital.

“Experts said that conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure may also be proving harder to manage during the lockdown.

“The latest figures are for the week ending April 3. They record certified deaths throughout the country, rather than only those recorded in hospitals. ” [People are dying in their homes, just as occurred in Italy] –London Times

In Canada, 31 people died in an old people’s home after almost all nursing staff had left the facility in a hurry for fear of the corona virus spreading. Health authorities found the people in the home in Dorval near Montreal only days later – many of the survivors were dehydrated, malnourished and apathetic.“ {bed-ridden elderly abandoned, just like in Italy]

“[In Germany] 30 to 40% fewer patients with heart attacks and strokes are treated because they no longer dare to go to the hospitals for fear of corona. There were 150,000 free hospital beds and 10,000 free intensive care beds nationwide. In Berlin, only 68 intensive care beds are occupied by corona patients, the emergency clinic with 1000 beds is currently not in use.

On a French aircraft carrier 1081 soldiers tested positive. So far, almost 50% of them remained symptom-free and about 50% showed mild symptoms. 24 soldiers were hospitalized, one of them is in intensive care (previous illnesses unknown). Source

This is absolutely our last wakeup call. Let us put our fear where it belongs and let it motivate us to reestablish our democracy. It will require unseating those presently in power. I think Paul Craig Roberts has the emergency method right in “Are We Brewing a New Feudalism?”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.


24 thoughts on “Experts shocked by the rise in NON-Covid-19 deaths”

  1. Unending stream of Domestic Violence calls in papers now!
    Break-up is finally nigh in Nome!
    Deaths due to frozen pizza! ??

  2. Some of this is misleading.
    The 1081 soldiers on the French aircraft carrier would ALL have been young fit people….or they would not have been soldiers !!
    I am 73, pretty healthy, but not fit. I am overweight at 18 stones [
    252 pounds].My wife is 72 and has several ailments. She had a bowel cancer operation 6 years ago and thankfully caught it in time.
    She is VERY SCARED of Covid-19. We share the house with our 47 year old daughter and son-in-law, who are in a farm and tourism business with us. We also have two young grand-daughters in the house.

    At 73, I still work 7 days a week when I am not away on holiday.When I am away,[ normally European cruises] I distribute our Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park tourism brochures all over Europe.
    Obviously , the farm park is closed to visitors due to the lockdown and we cannot travel. At least we have a farm and one of the best views IN THE WORLD in front of this house.
    People normally come here to view Atlantic Grey Seals and Bottlenosed dolphins in the wild , from safely fenced cliffs, overlooking Cardigan Island.
    Now, if the girls go back to school in September, they will be open to anyone carrying the virus, and will endanger us in this house.
    Please do not make out that Covid -19 is “trivial”. It is NOT !!
    Boris Johnson is a youngster……..A MERE 55 ! He was FIT , being a daily jogger……..BUT HE NEARLY DIED !!
    Plenty of YOUNGER doctors and nurses have died ! Many in their 30s.
    This disease has HARDLY GOT STARTED YET !! Wait until it sweeps across Africa, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan……then the BIG numbers will die !!
    It is only just starting in the USA , apart from New York and New Orleans. Andrew Cuomo has warned you enough.

    Let us hope and pray that a vaccine will emerge in SEPTEMBER.
    Oxford scientists in the UK are hopeful. The problem is the safe testing and the multiplication up to billions of doses.

    Shanghai, alone, has a population of 27 MILLION !!
    No coronavirus ????? ……IMPOSSIBLE !!

    • Mr. Lyn Jenkins,
      “Plenty of younger doctors and nurses have died.” The only report which I was of this turned out to be a list of elderly retired doctors who weren’t seeing patients. And it was for their all-cause deaths over an extended period of time. When this was disclosed and the list published with their birthdates, TPTB actually found a way to expunge the birthdates. THAT is misleading.

      I am sure that you are not selfish enough to wish to interrupt for an extended time your grandchildren’s education and your daughter and son-in-laws’ livelihood. The obvious solution– stated again & again– is that those who are too fragile to encounter a flu-like respiratory illness should sequester themselves. Then if the virus is allowed to freely circulate it will run its course quickly & you can return to your normal life. If the virus isn’t permitted to circulate freely, then you simply extend the period of your possible danger from it.

      It appears that you didn’t fully taken in Dr. Knut Wittkowski’s video. You can find it by searching “Knut Wittkowski video Perspectives”. If memory serves, he answers your questions about China as well.

      I wish you well. The farm sounds lovely.

    • Yor last question: China isolated Wuhan nationally early on and kept the international airport open.

    • Plenty of YOUNGER doctors and nurses have died ! Many in their 30s.

      Citing the exception rather than the rule is not rational. You may as well have also included accounts of the 103-year-old who beat Covid-19, the 101-year-old who beat it, and countless other >70+ year olds.

      What happens when we find out there’s no vaccine for the virus, and that it becomes seasonal just like regular influenza? Are we going to lock away old people forever because they’re afraid of catching the coronavirus?

    • well dont get reliant on the vaccine magic cure idea either.
      the trials are set to start
      the vax is a normal(chimpadeno/ cold) virus xd with one of the coronas spike protiens
      last time the results were worse than the SARS was
      that said the Placebo…(should be an INERT dummy ie saline) is actually the 4conjugated meningococcal vax and is NOT without effects in some
      the idea of using that is to mask the side effects of the trial vax by saying well the placebo also has Xyz effects too an we call that safe to use.
      my choice would be the use saline OR at most the chimp adeno virus(cold) strain theyre mixing with the covid to see effects of at least half the vax reactions.

  3. My friend just almost lost her 9 year old child to a brain tumor. The girl stopped breathing during an air lift to a hospital. The girl was having bad headaches but her mother was afraid to take her to the hospital because of Covid-19. The headaches were severe but her mother thought that it might have been puberty. At any other time she certainly would have gone to the hospital.

  4. Hell, another story. When my grandfather was 65 he had a hernia operation. They cut him open and found that his appendix was exploded all over his insides. Turns out that when he was 10 years old (~1918) the doctors misdiagnosed appendicitis as Spanish flue.

    It looks like the 9 year old girl will be OK. They removed a 3 cm diameter mass from her brain. We still are waiting for a diagnosis on the mass (malignant or benign). In any case she will be in the hospital for many weeks in rehabilitation.

  5. World population = 7,8 billion; Average life expectancy = 70-75 years. Population/life expectancy = 107 million. (annual turnover or deaths = 107 million). Covid deaths = 150 000 so far. Compare this with annual flu deaths.

      • About 170k SO FAR. Even if it reaches 1 million during this year period, it would still be only 1% of total deaths. There is no lockdown for ordinary flu. Someone please supply numbers for global annual flu deaths.

  6. Quote:
    “On a French aircraft carrier 1081 soldiers tested positive. So far, almost 50% of them remained symptom-free.
    Are they carriers or immune?
    Quote: About 50% showed mild symptoms.
    These should survive and generate herd immunity to this version of the new corvid virus.
    Quote: 24 soldiers were hospitalized; one of them is in intensive care (previous illnesses unknown). Source
    Less than 1%:
    These are fit young men and women, other Aircraft carriers may show a similar out turns, for example on of the know US carriers with a significant infection, the outturn may well be the same.
    Given that the Italians are suggesting 10% of their population or 6 million is infected or immune since the PRC released the infection by Air transport during Mid December to the 2nd March this disease, just like a cold is incredibly infectious but at the same time VERY survivable. It is only those unfortunates with damaged Immune systems or those being kept alive artificially by the use of modern drugs in a debilitated condition are massively at risk.
    The above is harsh I know, but the price of modern medicine is on the dividing line of “Not Doing Harm”, but doing more harm in the long run for the entire specie.

    • JimBob, “Are they (those w covid19) carriers or immune?” Shortly after becoming test-positive one becomes antibody-positive. Or, becomes very sick.
      When people become antibody-positive then after a short period they are no longer infectious to other people. When approximately 80% of a population have become antibody-positive, the virus cannot “find” someone else to jump to & it is extinguished.

  7. word was to NOT go to hospitals unless critical because theyd be full ofcovid cases
    well in aus that sure hasnt happened, nursing staff are worried about the elderly they usually see forongoing monitoring
    telehealth is NO use when you dont have a computer know how to use it OR even HAVE a bloody connection ability either(70%) of the rural area around my town for eg
    now with elective surgeries halted fro over a month empty private hospitals with nurses laid off/forced holidays etc
    theyre saying they might…reopen some
    oh ffs!
    I have to drive 50k and get a border crossing ok to SEE a doc even though we have a hospital and other surgery
    theyre NOT open for biz to outside(hosp) no clinic the 2nd
    and I can drive many elders dont have a car or drive
    not going to manage 50k eachway on a gopher are they?

  8. Key phrase:
    “…many (deaths) were not recorded as being related to Covid-19.”

    As I have already pointed out, Dr. John Campbell said that deaths at home and in nursing homes were NOT being counted as Covid deaths, only those which occured in hospital.

    As this site continually points out, the recorded cause of death and the actual cause of death are NOT the same thing at all.

    The real question is, is Covid killing MORE people or LESS people than the records show? Only widespread testing and universal autopsies would prove that, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    As for using soldiers on an aircraft carrier as a typical sample of the general population, you must be kidding! If our governor based his decisions on such an ATYPICAL example, I’d think he had rocks in his head!

    • No one has suggested using soldiers as typical of the general population, that’s why the fact that they are soldiers was given you. It’s information, that’s all.
      If you are open to information look at the site; it has pages & pages of hospital studies from many countries which have experience of the virus.
      It has many other medical facts– for example that the Italian medical system suffers from antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

      “The real question is, is Covid killing MORE people or LESS people than the records show?” I don’t think so. In determining the mortality rate of the virus, so that we can compare it to flu, the question is whether it is killing a higher PERCENTAGE of those who are positive for it. You don’t need to test everyone to find this out. We HAVE the records of the other countries who have prior experience with it.

      We also have the mortality records of each European country for a number of years and can directly compare the number killed in their flu spikes with their covid spikes. If you are interested in this factual analysis, look at the site; it has links to this information.

      I appreciate that when you see me contradicting what the media has been telling you for weeks that you feel that I must be wrong, and that out of concern for the truth that you should challenge me. You are right to do so. I only ask that in resolving the question that you should consult a factual source and not limit yourself to media sources.

      There are only SIX media companies and they are controlled by the people who are bringing you martial law & the ruination of our economy masked as concern for your health. I insist that this is a hoax.

  9. The diagnosis ‘covid’ makes people dying of fear not of covid. In my neighbourhood no one will understand that due to the misinformation given by governments. Thanks to the horrible stories about dying lonely. Apart from all kind of other questions about the diagnosis. It’s a bloody shame that mainstream media and scientist are shut up totally by the lockdown. Up to now I haven’t heard anything of being shocked.

  10. The same thing happens when you have more cars on the road, more accidents. How do so many of us avoid accidents? Defensive driving, obeying traffic laws and a strange thing called Common Courtesy. Here are our options. Continue the lockdown and lose everything we have worked for or open the economy and take precautions. This virus is the same as many of our diseases that consume life. Many of us could meet our demise through the common flu. We take precautions we do our best. How many here want to lose that 401K, that house, that savings account that you have worked to build for years. Not me. I’m a 66 year old male. I didn’t get this old indulging in risky behavior. Not about to give up all I have worked for because liberals want to overact. I have had ENOUGH

  11. This is like the state of confiscation and siege the Ukraine was under in the 1920’s and 1930’s while under the tyranny of the communists. 20+ million dead from starvation, cannibalism, executions and being sent to the Gulag to work as slaves. Another example was the financial failure and chaos after the fall of the USSR. You can’t put a stop on people working and earning money and expect every one to survive with style. My guess is that a lot of small businesses and also people are burning through their savings and capital and when the lock down ends they will either be broke or pretty close to it. Not exactly a good outcome.

  12. I do not allow myself to be indoctrinated by anyone who has an ax to grind, be it the mainstream media or certain commenters on this blog.

    Penelope- I would be very interested to know whether Covid-19 has gone expontial in your area- YET. My guess is no. Talk to me again after it has.

    Laurel- “remembering the numbers of covid is just 3 months not the full 12 months of flu season.”

    You have made some very good, rational arguments for biding our time before judging the effects of covid-19. But people whose minds are made up will not allow themselves to be swayed by reason, logic, facts (or lack of them) or science.

    A lot of people who comment here are beginning to sound more and more like the climate cultists they claim to despise. You cannot reason with them. They won’t have it.

    • Deb, having a point of view & citing documented facts in support of it isn’t indoctrination. Covid will not “go exponential” here in CA because it hasn’t “gone exponential” anywhere. Remember that when 80% of the population has had contact with it (have antibodies) it is extinguished.

      All of the documented facts that I have seen support the conclusion that covid has an occurrence and lethality similar to the flu, except that it a little more closely resembles normal mortality. Most of the facts of which I have been apprised are linked to This is a site which reports the hospital mortality studies, number of tests performed in various countries, expert analyses, etc.

      I didn’t see a single argument or fact cited in your comment, only ad hominem characterizations of other people’s conclusions. If you can present any fact or actual argument against my openly-declared conclusions or the facts that support them I would be very pleased to consider them.

  13. People need something to do for money, mental stimulation and exercise. They need a purpose in life or they start to die.

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