Exposing the climate-change scare for what it is

Have you ever seen these charts? You haven’t seen them, because they expose the climate-change scare for what it is. As far as I’m concerned it is a giant fraud.

The red circle at the far right is the claimed AGW scare.

Thanks to Burt Rutan for this graph (Yes, that Burt Rutan.)

Richard B. Alley Image: Wikipedia

Richard B. Alley, who created this graph, is an American geologist and Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University. He has authored more than 240 refereed scientific publications about the relationships between Earth’s cryosphere and global climate change,[5] and is recognized by the Institute for Scientific Information as a “highly cited researcher.

20 thoughts on “Exposing the climate-change scare for what it is”

  1. If I send this to gullible warmist indoctrinated mates, theyll argue the good Professor must be a coal/oil shill cos hes a geologist..and then next up is ..well I havent heard him on the radio/tv
    or in the IPCC or greepi$$ media handouts
    so hes a fake and youre a nasty skeptic who wont “believe”

    the fact we skeptics read just about ALL their media releases and follow up on the data, escapes them
    they dont usually even read their own sides spin let alone the opposing viewpoint at all.
    all to hard
    they’d rather do the woe woe planets got 18mths were all ruined..schtick

    • Yes! I’ve tried. Believe me I have.I ‘m not a scientist but have been following this for years. When asked for a “credible source” one time by one of my global warming hysteria friends, I provided him with a Nobel Prize winner speaking on the subject. He said it was “not credible”!!! Now, when asked for a “credible” source, I know it’s not a sincere request….

  2. Here’s the chart I like, I call it the Holocene Temperature taper, NH


    It is labeled with the Roman and Medieval war periods and Little Ice Age. It shows steady cooling.

    Fake climatologists like to fake temperature data and draw a vertical spike at the end.

  3. When religion was merged with government, it resulted in the what is historically referred to as the Dark Ages. This was accomplished by lying to the illiterate masses and keeping them ignorant to the truth. The seems the only thing different in modern times is that they have swapped science for religion.

  4. We don’t believe the climate change propaganda because we are all smart people. Propaganda, to be effective, depends on the people who are in the lower I.Q. ranges to believe what they’re told. Works like a charm, unfortunately.

  5. Can you please explain that temperature on the vertical axis in the first chart (degrees Celsius)? In the second chart as I understand that it’s the relative temperature but in the first chart it goes around -30°C. Is it the real temperature of the place where the ice core was drilled? Thank you very much for explaining this to a layman like me 🙂

  6. I need some additional help from our great community here. I posted this in response to an alarmist YouTube video. I was told that these graphs have been altered and that Dr. Alley believes and writes that CO2 is a major climate change driver. I read the whole paper (cited with the graphs) and he doesn’t conclude anything with regard to anthropogenic causation. He even states that warming occurred first (post-Younger-Dryas) and THEN methane levels increased. However, the graphs above do not appear in this paper. Thoughts? Insight? Thanks.

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