Extreme cold and heavy snow in homeland of the Pope

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 – Argentina (the homeland of the Pope) – Roads impassable

“Rescate en la nieve: dos abuelos de 75 y 105 años quedaron aislados por el frío, su nieto pidió ayuda y los encontraron,” reads the headline.

( “Rescue in the snow: two grandparents of 75 and 105 years were isolated by the cold, their grandson asked for help and found them” )

A 75-year-old man and a 105-year-old woman were rescued in the province of Neuquén after being held incommunicado at home due to inclement weather that made the roads impassable, according to the National Gendarmerie.

On Sunday, troops received a request for help from a man whose grandparents were isolated in the house, unable to leave due to heavy snow and extreme cold.

Faced with this situation, a patrol of the Nucleus Unit Section and health personnel arrived at the place near La Salada, and difficult to access.

There, they found them unheated and incommunicado. The uniformed people provided medical assistance.

Both were in good health and were transferred to a Gendarmerie unit, where they met their relatives.





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  1. maybe the pope should pop back for visit to see reality
    hes full on koolaid warmist claptrap presently, needs a nice COLD
    reality refresher maybe?

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