Extreme cold in Mongolia

15 Feb 2018 – “In Mongolia, I’ve met herders fighting to keep their animals alive in an extremely harsh winter that magnifies the struggles of an already vulnerable population,” said Gwendolyn Pang, head of IFRC in East Asia.

Severe winter conditions called Dzud have followed a summer drought, leaving millions of animals at risk of starvation in Mongolia. Without the animals as a source of income, food and transport, herders and their families will remain trapped in severe conditions with a lack of basic health care and social services, or forced to migrate to Ulaanbaatar and live in extreme poverty.


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Somehow the MSM has missed this news item,” says Argiris.

2 thoughts on “Extreme cold in Mongolia

  1. the expression SSDD fits this(SSDYear) for this
    every damned year we get this same tale of woe is them..
    if their claims of losses were at all true and correct theyd have NO bloody livestock left by now! theyd be losing the yearlings and heifers cattle and ditto goats n sheep ie no breeding stock to replace losses.
    theres a serious social issue i gather where the once year round herders are now running vehicles and not hanging round with the animals as they did priorly.
    what theyre spending on cars would go a long way to building shelters id reckon
    or using some sales profits to co-op and hire baling machines to make sure there IS stored feed that doubles as wind/snowbreaks

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