Extreme cold in Ukraine and Poland

At least 18 people have died in Ukraine and 10 in Poland after heavy snow fall and a sudden drop in temperatures across eastern Europe.

Three deaths were also reported in Serbia and one in Bulgaria.

Temperatures have plunged to -16C (3F) during the day and -23C (-10F) at night, and Polish forecasters warn that temperatures could fall further during the week, to below -20C during the day and -30C at night.


Thanks to Ron de Haan and John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland for this link

4 thoughts on “Extreme cold in Ukraine and Poland

  1. I don’t think winter 2011/12 will go down as exceptionally cold in Europe – to date, the Baltic has hardly started freezing and temperatures have barely reached -10C in Moscow.

    This blast of real winter is not unusual in Eastern Europe.

  2. The only real “unusual” thing about all the snow and cold winters is that the AGW folks have said that snow is supposed to be a thing of the past by now and that it is supposed to be globally warmer by now. Other than that it is just cold, snowy winter weather.

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