Extreme cold warning issued across Mongolia

Temperature -40 C to -45 C expected in western areas tonight, and -36 C to -38 C near Yarmag- Songino in Ulaanbaatar.

In the depression of Uvs lake and Darkhad, in the Zavkhan river head and in the Ider and Tes river basins, the nighttime temperature will be icy cold between -41 Cand -46 C.

The nighttime temperature will be -37 C to -42 C in mountainous areas of Khangai, Khuvsgul, Khentei, in Khuren belcher, in the Orkhon-Selenge basins, and in the Kharaa, Yuruu, Tuul, Terelk, Kherlen, Onon, Ulz and Khalkh river basins.

In southern parts of Gobi region, the nighttime temperature will be -21 to -26, and the daytime temperature will be -14 to -19 degrees Celsius.

In other areas, the nighttime temperature will be -30 to -35, and daytime temperature will be -21 to -26 degrees Celsius.

Extreme cold is expected to ease a bit in the beginning of January.

Snow will fall in mountainous areas of Khentei on December 28 and in Altai mountains on December 29-30.

The extreme cold warning was issued by the National Agency of Meteorology and Environment Monitoring (NAMEM) on 25 Dec 2018.


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  1. so now we wait for the near yearly whingeing about x million cattle sheep goats died due to cold
    when its obvious to blind freddy that extreme cold and deep snow is the norm not the exception
    and herders need to get their act together like they used to and not go haring off to city dwellings leaving their stock out and untended.

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