“Extreme freeze” – Record low February temperatures across the UK

Records fall, not just for the day, but for the entire month of February. Some records broken by “quite some way”.

Fifteen weather stations across the UK recorded their lowest temperatures ever for February overnight on Wednesday, according to the Met Office.

The forecaster’s station in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, recorded a temperature of minus 23C, the lowest in the UK since 1995.

And the “extreme freeze” also saw the mercury plummet in areas in the Scottish Highlands, such as Kinbrace and Strathallan, to minus 21.3C and minus 18.2C respectively.

The lowest temperature recorded in England and Wales was at Ravensworth, in north Yorkshire, which dropped to minus 13.1C.

Oli Claydon, a spokesman for the Met Office, said that some of the records had been broken by “quite some way”.

The previous lowest temperature recorded at Strathallan was minus 13.8C – a difference of 4.4 degrees.

Elsewhere, Chillingham Barns in Northumberland dropped to minus 12C and Shap in Cumbria recorded a low of minus 11.6C.

The joint record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the UK is held by Braemar and Altnaharra, in the Scottish Highlands, which have recorded minus 27.2C on three separate occasions.


Thanks to David Hartley for this link and the video

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  2. World’s ‘solar and wind capital’ [Germany] freezing due to snow ‘blanketing millions’ of solar panels
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  3. From nature’s perspective, some good old fashioned frosts are actually a good thing. They restore the balance of trees/plants vs pests by killing off a goodly number of pests that may have become problematical after several years of milder winters.

    A while back, folks around Yellowstone were bemoaning ‘global warming’ because it allowed certain pests of key Yellowstone tree species to survive and cause damage to the trees.

    So a good hard cold winter every so often is nature’s way of keeping everything in longer-term balance.

  4. Luckily in the SE corner we have been spared the super cold but I have just recorded my highest weekly gas usage since records began as they say. In my current house that is 6 years and before that another 10 years.

  5. Key thing in the UK for ‘record low temperatures’ is actually having a significant total coverage of snow.

    In the UK, the earth usually remains at 8-10C even in winter, when the air temperature drops a lot, heat transfer from the earth to the air prevents temperature dropping too terribly.

    But if the earth is covered by an insulating layer of snow, there is little if any heat transfer continuing to occur.

    So to get the really low temperatures you want three things:
    1. A really good snowfall to a decent depth.
    2. High pressure with associated clear skies.
    3. No wind.

    That way, the cold pockets where the coldest air congregates (Braemar is once such place, Altnaharra another) just sits there and gets colder each day that the high pressure with no wind continues.

  6. Given the end of Earth’s 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch coincident with a 500-year Little Ice Age from AD 1350, Britain and continental Europe (esp. Mutti Merkel’s energy-imploding Germany) might ask themselves whether the looming 88-year Super-Grand Solar Minimum through 2108 will shift the North Atlantic’s Gulf Stream further south.

    Grand Theft Green Gangsters to the contrary, blighting solar-panel and wind-farms installed at vast expense are perfectly useless, cosmic misallocations of resources reflecting ruinously self-destructive State corruption.

    From 1968, Luddite-Malthusian sociopaths have explicitly endorsed culling 95% of Earth’s teeming population, “Saving the Planet” from everybody but themselves. How long, we wonder, before relentlessly hectored, defrauded, propagandized folks get wise?

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