Eye-opening exposé of media bias – Video

Coldest in New Zealand in decades. Snowiest in New Zealand in decades. And yet, and yet. See how the New Zealand Herald tries to divert your attention.

This video by Adapt 2030 shows how we get hoodwinked into believing the global warming lies. I think you’ll love it.

Also,  Russian ice breakers stuck in unexpectedly and unusually thick sea ice, but hey, we were told the sea ice is disappearing.

Also, private yacht sails through floating pumice from an underwater volcano they sailed over.

Thanks to Guy Wilson for these videos


5 thoughts on “Eye-opening exposé of media bias – Video

  1. This obfuscation of the reality is typical of the NZ Herald.
    They have bought in to the Global Warming scam and are riding it to oblivion.

    • Good quote from Galileo: ‘In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual’. Sadly, the media are skilled at brainwashing folks.

  2. The legacy media have bought into the global warming myth. It is worth watching Myron Ebell at the GWPF dealing with the dumb eco journalists.

  3. As yet there has been no 1024 millibar highs this summer over NZ. These highs have been arriving later and later over the decades and we may not get a summer this year

  4. I don’t know how bad the local national radio is elsewhere, but here in NZ it is terrible. Never in my recent memory has the other side of the ideological divide being allowed to express itself in the main stream media. Always whatever doco is been produced gets prime coverage.

    The Australian’s have many keen desentors, but not us puritan kiwis. It’s all science, and they have no clue as to why we think like this.

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