Face masks could increase risk of infection, medical chief warns

‘For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea’

Members of the public could be putting themselves more at risk from contracting coronavirus by wearing face masks, one of England’s most senior doctors has warned.

Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer, said the masks could “actually trap the virus” and cause the person wearing it to breathe it in.

“For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea” to wear a face mask in the hope of preventing infection, she added.

This is because people wear the same mask over and over and over again, lay it down on unsanitary surfaces, and fiddle with it while wearing it.


6 thoughts on “Face masks could increase risk of infection, medical chief warns”

  1. No one cares, there is soon a vaccination against covid19, as it is reported on tv. Using it as a handkerchief. Big business, every day-unit another mask. It isn’t made of wool otherwise it can’t protect so more pollution via masks. Again a inconsistency. Read Spinoza. The fear of dying unexpectedly too soon is the cause of all this ‘science’.

  2. Here we go again! Another swine flu– this one with the potential to jump species to humans. When is somebody gonna STOP the damn gangsters?

  3. And the mask is not intended to protect the wearer anyway – it is to protect other people. If we weren’t governed by incompetent morons we would have a proper local track and trace system in place by now with the power to isolate any carriers. But that is not even being planned so the UK can expect this to carry on for who knows how long. It could of course be Boris Johnson’s plan for it to extend into next year to cover the shambles he is making of our new trading relationship with the EU which will start in January. If the UK is in the grip of the virus still then our trade with the EU falling off a cliff won’t be noticed. But that is to grant the oaf a level of intelligence he does not possess.

  4. Obviously, this ‘pandemic’ is all about the upcoming election! But, what really infuriates me, is how easily humans become prey! Why succumb to the COVID scare when almost everyone makes poor choices daily about lifestyle and diet, killing themselves slowly. Why become paralyzed with fear when the ‘flu’ make its round every year and kills? Why would anyone believe the medical establishment that is all about money. Hydroxy is a viable treatment, but political agendas and profit are the real reasons so many have died from COVID, and Hydroxy is still not readily handed out! Masks are the literal ‘in your face’ way to control you, keep you scared, and keep you weak!

  5. I’ve been calling them face diapers for quite some time now. And that’s kind of exactly what this doctor is saying.

  6. Wearing masks or not seems irrelevant to me. I’m becoming more and more convinced that there is no Covid19-pandemic, no more than a Flu18, 19 or 20 pandemic. Wuhan1 was staged for a political agenda.

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