Fact – No Warming in the United States Since 2005

“There has been no warming in the United States since at least 2005, according to updated data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),” says this article by James Taylor.

Here are some excerpts:

23 Aug 2019 – “Climate Alarmists Foiled: No U.S. Warming Since 2005,” reads the headline.

“In January 2005, NOAA began recording temperatures at its newly built U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN). USCRN includes 114 pristinely maintained temperature stations spaced relatively uniformly across the lower 48 states. NOAA selected locations that were far away from urban and land-development impacts that might artificially taint temperature readings.

Temperature readings from 2005 (far left) to the present (far right) show absolutely no warming. NOAA USCRN; Watts

With most preexisting temperature stations located in or near urban settings that are subject to false temperature signals and create their own microclimates that change over time, government officials performed many often-controversial adjustments to the raw temperature data. Skeptics of an asserted climate crisis pointed out that most of the reported warming in the United States was non-existent in the raw temperature data, but was added to the record by government officials. (Emphasis added)

Strikingly, as shown in the graph above, USCRN temperature stations show no warming since 2005 when the network went online. If anything, U.S. temperatures are now slightly cooler than they were 14 years ago. (Emphasis added)

There is also good reason to believe U.S. temperatures have not warmed at all since the 1930s. (Emphasis added) Raw temperature readings at the preexisting stations indicate temperatures are the same now as 80 years ago. All of the asserted U.S. warming since 1930 is the product of the controversial adjustments made to the raw data. Skeptics point out that as the American population has grown, so has the artificial warming signal generated by growing cities, more asphalt, more automobiles, and more machinery.

See entire article by James Taylor (JTaylor@heartland.org), director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center for Climate and Environmental Policy at The Heartland Institute:


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  1. Hey Robert – I’ve been all over the USCRN site and cannot ever find the chart? Pls . . a link. Thanks,

    Secondly – would love to actually see the trend line drawn. Is that possible?

    Great post.

  2. The US has gotten colder since 2012! No surprise to me about the climatic cooling going on here and worldwide.
    When you get summer snows in Turkey, (and other parts of Europe) record cold in Russia this summer and snow in the US all the way thru June of this year is a strong indication of a colder climate.
    Plus we had record cold in Texas and Oklahoma in July (one all-time record low in Austin) and temps in the 50’s in eastern SC in mid June and including 37F record low at International Falls,MN end July. Plus we have above normal Arctic sea ice this summer, unusual snows in Australia, August snow in Alaska and also heavy, record breaking snows in the India Himalayas late July.

  3. I agree. Not sure why they also claim it’s always the second hottest, or even hottest month ever. Does that add up?

    • No. Roy Spencer wrote an article at his web site in which he showed July as the 4th warmist in the modern record worldwide. Yuma, Arizona has had the coolest summer we have had in awhile. May was the all-time coldest, June was about normal, July was one of the coolest, relatively speaking, and so is August, so far.

  4. Interesting one this. In proper science circles there is a view that the modern warm period did indeed end in 2005 so no further warming and slight cooling fits that. The claimed warming is from contamination of sites or just fiddling as we have in the UK where a record has been claimed for 2 days over a holiday weekend that only dates back to the late 60s at one of the busiest airports in the world, Heathrow. That they can do this with a straight face says a lot but then in order to get the ‘highest UK temperature evah!’ they were happy to use a non-Met Office site that scores at best grade 2 on the WMO scale but could be only grade 4. Shameless.

    After what appears to have been a peak in the 1930s – just for info, Heathrow was open fields in the 30s – there have been variations, the ‘ice age coming’ 1970s cooling to the modern warm period. I was amazed to see that given the claims, only 4 US states have record highs after 2000 and the source of that came from Thikipedia, a warmist source.

  5. how nice
    some correct non suburban temps
    I dont know how cities of hundreds of thousands/millions seem to have so many stupid people living in them believing that the entire world is having the same UHI effects as they do
    but then its a certain sort of special…required to live IN a large termite mound of humans..makes me shudder.

  6. These Cities, Airports and built up industrial complexes are probably the reason “New” record daily maximum temperatures occur too!

  7. For decades, GISS/NASA and UN/IPCC computer models have projected dramatic warming from minuscule (parts-per-million) “fossil-fuel” (sic) industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, conjecturing catastrophic atmospheric “greenhouse” consequences.

    “Yet real-world data show only slight warming, mostly at night and in winter [probably an urban heat-island UHI effect], no systematic increase in the frequency of extreme weather events, while global sea-levels continue rising at sub-marginal rates dating from the dissipation of Würmian continental ice-sheets c. 14,400 YBP. Over land, disparate historical data records only consistent, long-term trends vs. Alarmists’ recently debunked ‘hockey stick’ pattern.” Cf: Mann vs. Wall, where courts just rejected notorious charlatan Michæl Mann’s case per refusal to release his calculations– an outcome analogous to that of historian Michæl Bellesiles, whose Bancroft Prize-winning “Arming America” (pub. 2000) was similarly exposed as an egregious academic fraud.

    “For comparative purposes, award-winning atmospheric scientist John Christy compiled a Global Temperature Record of Earth’s lower atmosphere from highly accurate satellite readings over equatorial regions, finding that … Climate Models predicted temperatures seven times above observations at all levels”. On average, projected ‘warming’ based on poorly sited, intentionally mal-distributed, spuriously ‘adjusted’ surface stations was three orders-of-magnitude higher than incorruptibly calibrated orbital results.” As a Christy colleague put it, “Warmists’ Freudian slip is showing.”

    This “models vs. empirical reality” disparity in tropical temperatures is a critical, irremediable error, invalidating the latest model-based U.N. science compendium assertion that 25% of global temperature increases, if any, are manmade artifacts of industrial pollution. In fact, 8-thousand years of data show present temperatures at all-time lows, while geophysical evidence indicates that Earth’s 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended with a 500-year Little Ice Age in AD 1350 and Australian Robert Holmes’ Mean Molar Mass equation T = PM/Rp refutes anthropogenic warming root-and-branch.

    In brief, the UN IPCC’s professed alarmism is scientifically meaningless, a Grand Theft political ploy fabricated for the express purpose of extorting multi-trillion dollar Save the Planet funds for disbursal by reigning One World Order kleptarchs to crony-globalists at their corrupt discretion.

    • Especially if we exclude data from big cities where is hotter because human interference. Big cities represent a very tiny part of the planet. The real weather is 10-30 mi outside the highly populated area.

  8. We are having unusual temperatures where i live. It was cooler in June and July then normal. The highest temperatures have come in the last two weeks. Outside the normal time frame of July 21-August 4 when our highest temperatures are typically recorded.

  9. Can ennybody tell me why a lib friend says Joe Rogan is the guru of truth on GW?And if he says it it is true and documented. I dont see he says much at all. Just talks a lot is all.

  10. What that graph actually shows is that a monthly spread of 11F around the long term average is entirely within the envelope of normal variability.

    That is just 15 odd years of data.

    Look at 50 years of data and that 11F might stretch to 15F.

    The biggest education achievement of climate science should be to make the public aware of what normal variability looks like.

  11. When years of misstating the facts (ok, lying) has resulted in a world population who believe all the relentless propaganda, we find ourselves here. We know the facts. The voting public, who will pay the price of less freedom and much higher costs, will nonetheless vote against their own self interest. William Happer is Trump’s science expert and he should do far more about educating the world rather than write a paper praising CO2.

  12. Laurel- I’m with you on the big cities. When I’m in one, I can’t help imagining what would happen there in a disaster–herds of people trampling one another to escape, inner city gangs roaming the suburbs unchecked, etc.

    Saw a movie once about how quickly people became savage when the power went out in their city and they couldn’t find out what was going on. Can’t remember the name of it.


      • American Blackout (2013)
        ‘American Blackout’: Is National Geographic’s take on cyberattack
        ow would the average US citizen cope in the wake of a catastrophic cyberattack?
        Not so well, it turns out.
        As the power grid goes down across the country, the streets quickly descend into chaos while consumers ransack stores for bottled water and canned goods.

        Those without sufficient cash handy are quickly in dire straits, since no electricity means no credit cards or ATMs, either.

        Meanwhile, the heroes of the day are “doomsday preppers” who have had the foresight to stockpile a couple years’ worth of bottled water, batteries, and military-style meals-ready-to-eat in secret underground bunkers.

        The Postman
        Kevin Costner directs and stars in this action-filled epic set in a post-apocalyptic American West.

  13. Check out this one also from 1977. Sorta cheesy, but struck me as eerily prophetic.

    “Deadly Harvest” with Clint Walker.

    When severe cold causes a failed harvest, bad people from the city come to the countryside to raid farms for food.

  14. Here in Ctoatia this has been the longest warm summer I can remember. If this is part of global cooling I don’t like it.

  15. Yes, I’ve seen that one. Also read the book. Hugely depressing. Also echoes my fears as to what will happen as we descend into glaciation. ice age.

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