Failed climate predictions

Wrongheaded quotes from the past:

“These people and the publications have no shame in screeching nothing but alarmism and scaremongering,” says reader tomOmason. “They’ve shown themselves to be neither rational nor scientific, they all do nothing but instill and maintain panic on the public.”

“Henceforth the public would do well by ignoring all of them. They are the guilty people, doing the UN elite’s dirty work by bullying and brow-beating politicians and the public of Western nations into accepting this AGW (aka Climate Change™) nonsense; browbeating them into accepting it so that energy (from all sources) becomes unreliable and over-regulated and industry is crippled by the fantasy of ‘sustainability’; browbeating Western democracies so that their riches and freedoms that have been built-up from the industry of generations are ruined.”

1. “Due to global warming, the coming winters in the local regions will become milder.”
Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research, University of Potsdam, 8 Feb 2006


2. “Milder winters, drier summers: Climate study shows a need to adapt in Saxony Anhalt.”
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Press Release, 10 Jan 2010.


3. “More heat waves, no snow in the winter“ … “Climate models… over 20 times more precise than the UN IPCC global models. In no other country do we have more precise calculations of climate consequences. They should form the basis for political planning. … Temperatures in the wintertime will rise the most … there will be less cold air coming to Central Europe from the east. …In the Alps winters will be 2°C warmer already between 2021 and 2050.”
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 2 Sept 2008.


4. “The new Germany will be characterized by dry-hot summers and warm-wet winters.“
Wilhelm Gerstengarbe and Peter Werner, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), 2 March 2007


5. “Clear climate trends are seen from the computer simulations. Foremost the winter months will be warmer all over Germany. Depending of CO2 emissions, temperatures will rise by up to 4°C, in the Alps by up to 5°C.”Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 7 Dec 2009.


6. “In summer under certain conditions the scientists reckon with a complete melting of the Arctic sea ice. For Europe we expect an increase in drier and warmer summers. Winters on the other hand will be warmer and wetter.”
Erich Roeckner, Max Planck Institute, Hamburg, 29 Sept 2005.


7. “The more than ‘unusually‘ warm January weather is yet ‘another extreme event’, ‘a harbinger of the winters that are ahead of us’. … The global temperature will ‘increase every year by 0.2°C’”
Michael Müller, Socialist, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Environment, in Die Zeit, 15 Jan 2007


8. “Harsh winters likely will be more seldom and precipitation in the wintertime will be heavier everywhere. However, due to the milder temperatures, it’ll fall more often as rain than as snow.”
Online-Atlas of the Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft, 2010

9. “We’ve mostly had mild winters in which only a few cold months were scattered about, like January 2009. This winter is a cold outlier, but that doesn’t change the picture as a whole. Generally it’s going to get warmer, also in the wintertime.”
Gerhard Müller-Westermeier, German Weather Service (DWD), 26 Jan 2010


10. “Winters with strong frost and lots of snow like we had 20 years ago will cease to exist at our latitudes.”
Mojib Latif, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 1 April 2000


11. “Good bye winter. Never again snow?”
Spiegel, 1 April 2000


12. “In the northern part of the continent there likely will be some benefits in the form of reduced cold periods and higher agricultural yields. But the continued increase in temperatures will cancel off these benefits. In some regions up to 60 percent of the species could die off by 2080.”

3Sat, 26 June 2003


13. “Although the magnitude of the trends shows large variation among different models, Miller et al. (2006) find that none of the 14 models exhibits a trend towards a lower NAM index and higher arctic SLP.”
IPCC 2007 4AR, (quoted by Georg Hoffmann)


14. “Based on the rising temperature, less snow will be expected regionally. While currently 1/3 of the precipitation in the Alps falls as snow, the snow-share of precipitation by the end of the century could end up being just one sixth.”
Germanwatch, Page 7, Feb 2007


15. “Assuming there will be a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere, as is projected by the year 2030. The consequences could be hotter and drier summers, and winters warmer and wetter. Such a warming will be proportionately higher at higher elevations – and especially will have a powerful impact on the glaciers of the Firn regions.”


” The ski areas that reliably have snow will shift from 1200 meters to 1500 meters elevation by the year 2050; because of the climate prognoses warmer winters have to be anticipated.”
Scinexx Wissenschaft Magazin, 26 Mar 2002


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8 thoughts on “Failed climate predictions”

  1. The IPCC is still updating the consequences and adherents accept that as having a dynamical climate model whatever that means.

    • The IPPC political bovine excreta may well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back of the UN socialist world government.
      Green socialism is no different to last century’s socialism of right and left, and socialist collectivism only works while you steal other people’s money, or enslave them to the point of death.

  2. Unfortunately “climate scientists” are not regarded as laughing stocks by well over 50% of populations in western democracies.

    AGW is easily winning the public relations war and we can all expect carbon taxes to become the norm soon.

    The US will rejoin the Paris climate accord in February 2021.

  3. ‘Max Planck Institute for Meteorology,’ should be ashamed. The great Max Planck would turn in his grave.

  4. “Assuming there will be a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere,..Humans just CANT double the CO2, at best a measely 2% if lucky, poor plants!

  5. Globalists Profit from Climate Fairytales:
    Herald Sun, January 25, 2019

    …Affordable? Victoria actually had wholesale power prices hit $14,500 per megawatt hour – when prices used to average less than $40.

    Sustainable? Wind power generators on Thursday delivered a feeble 3.8 per cent of the state’s power, thanks to fickle winds. They could not deliver when needed most.

    Reliable? Victoria – which helped drive the giant Hazelwood coal-fired generator out of business – ran short of electricity in the heat wave, and suffered blackouts that hit 200,000 homes and premises, even after it ordered big power users like the Portland smelter to shut down.

    Why does Victoria, sitting on hundreds of years of supply of coal and big gas reserves, have an electricity system that can no longer deliver enough electricity?

    Why? Because it bought the great global warming scare, and spent billions on unreliable green power instead of on a steady generator that would pump out all the power we need – and when we need it. It made coal-fired generators unprofitable, and told vast untruths about the great future of green power.

    And for what? For pure symbolism. No cuts Australia makes to emissions will affect global warming, which has turned out to be nothing like the catastrophe that was predicted.

    Global warming politicians are causing far more damage than global warming is every likely to. Yet who dares call them out?

  6. Aljazeera TV caption yesterday:” Secretary-General of U.N. warns that the world is losing the fight against ‘climate change'”. As ‘climate change’ = ‘Anthropogenic global warming’, then he believes that it’s getting warmer. Did he attend Davos? From TV visuals it seems rather snowy in the Alps right now, also in many parts of Europe.

  7. Alright folks…put context into this. Take a look at the dates of the published statements. This is the time period of the computer evolution, the rise of political injection into STEM courses in our higher education institutions AND political/social/environmental failures from north Africa, middle east and south Asia.
    These statements come from the “propaganda” idea of how to control a populace and gain a world wide governance policy.
    It was a Roman (and others too) thought that “he who controls the bread, controls the people”.
    We need to pull out the “old” history books, refresh the memory bank and teach about “why” governments “removed” the Illuminati. . All here know in their thoughts, there is a whole other reason “why” there is a global push to “control”.
    Yes it is a conspiracy theory that the goal is reduce the world population but “what if” the Illuminati have risen again and no one is paying attention…give it some thought.

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