Fake weather reporting?

Look at these two contrasting reports and see what you think.

“I wonder which side of the “Climate Wars” Intellicast weather service is on?” asks reader. “Here is the forecast map for high temperatures today from Intellicast:”

“Notice the temperatures are quite seasonal, but the color scale chosen is quite inappropriate for North America in September. We are not likely to need to depict temperatures in the -30 F range any time soon, but the range chosen makes 60s F orange and 70s F Red.”

“We’re burning up!”

“Contrast this to the U.S. National Weather Service map for the same date:”

“I believe these colors more accurately convey the “feel” of a fall day.”

“Kudos to the NWS.”

Fake weather reporting? You decide. But even if the words are true, I think the Intellicast graphic is at the very least very misleading.

25 thoughts on “Fake weather reporting?”

  1. I would agree…

    These departments have PR managers, an example is NASA, they have a significant PR department that spends a lot of time perfecting the imagery they release in regards to the Moon, space travel and of Earth etc so I think it is safe to say they do similar work with their climate work too.

    Now as with Nasa, I imagine many agencies/departments working in climatology or meteorology etc would also run materials through some kind of PR minded people.

    Now these guys study and put into practice their art at conveying messages in a way that influences our minds at the optimum level (Think Edward Bernays, PR is for manipulating the minds of the masses)

    Any good story/song writer or painter etc knows that the colour or tone of a song can influence your mood and response to things, for example having dome some English Lit at University once we were taught how to build the desired mood in our audience by changing all these variables, so for a moody part of a film you could darken the clouds, whip up some wind, even through in a storm, and all of this is intended to make you sense the drama before it even happens and some one who is skilled at doing this can have your hairs prickling on your back before the scene even starts.

    People often don’t apply this so other areas in life, but adverts apply the same procedures, adverts are extremely subtle, people think adverts are limited to those in your face overt kind but they can be extremely subtle, a plot in your favourite serious can be advertising an idea, a political idea or simply a perspective on an upcoming policy debate.

    Media moguls know our limited attention to details, as student in Computer Science I know that the preference of content is Video, then Image, and finally text, test is often the last thing we want to see, we have all met the masses of people who don’t read things properly because they lack the focus or motivation, an example is social media posts, where people b*tch about an article purely from the headline and it doesn’t take long for you to realise they didn’t bother reading the actual article, or not much of it, this breezing over content is perfect when using images as we almost instantly understand what an image is trying to convey but with text you have to read it all and consider the possible hyperbole and understanding any potential symbolism or the intended interpretation as we all know people often mis interpret or take things out of context, well its easier if I just say a picture paints a thousand words, people dont have the time or desire to read all of the text but an image can say it all instantly.

    You see that map and can’t be bothered to take it all in, you certainly don’t look at temperatures of all the other states when you only really need to know what it will be like locally (unless weather is an hobby) so their mind instantly sees the image, and your brain understands all of its information instantly without looking at all those pesky numbers, it’s red hot… its setting the mood for a scene, it’s manipulating your thoughts Edward Bernays style, it is certainly misleading… I’ve witnessed this with the UK Met Office charts too… just think of all the powerful connotations of red; fire, hot, devil, heat, murder, blood, soviets, communism etc etc.

    So yea what was a very long way of saying I think it is not only very misleading but also intentional

    • Then it’s high time these idiotic PR people started doing something useful such as sending men to the Moon and Mars for example. We are at risk of falling severely behind with the space program pandering to all this stupid and clearly unnecessary fake work.

      • Weather will be what it will be… would definitely prefer to see them concentrate more of the copious amounts of global warming research money and time towards exploring Mars

  2. yeah its a devious and often used trick same as they do for the global temp supposed rise/hotspots using pale n mid blue n pink n red only
    the avg punter sees the red and goes to idiot mode.
    this is an excellent example of deceit to mislead.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Without zooming to read the temperature figures, the top chart looks like a hot summer day across the USA. Which it isn’t.

  4. Hi, Seen this ‘subliminal’ trick before, also they tend to report the ‘feels like’ temperatures, due to humidity, and report even higher numbers than actually recorded.

  5. There is no doubt in my mind that is the intention. To appeal to the colorization factor which gives the impression that it is HOT out there. This method depends on lazy viewers who research nothing but are like “…children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.”

    They eat it up without perusing the facts and the producers know this.

  6. True. We are “trained” to see reds as high temperatures, and the average person does not read a graphic, just views it. I can see it now, yellows at -10F and reds starting at +10F and “boiling hot” colors starting at 32F for December thru March in the northern states!

  7. The scale on the first graphic has all temperatures above 40 deg F in “alarming” yellow, orange, or red colors, an arbitrary choice that virtually guarantees vast swathes of HOT RED across the nation from March through October. Temperatures must get down near FREEZING to earn a reassuring green and the 20s F (below freezing!!!) still shown as green. This graphic screams “bias” to me.

  8. This is a super comparison. I have long mused that AGW began with the introduction of colored weather maps (TV and print newspapers).

  9. Joe DAleo once was part of Intellicast. Someone should reach out to him for comment and insight as to what goes on with them.

  10. Scientifically speaking Blue is a far hotter temperature than Red which is the lowest of all visible spectrum colour temperatures !

    Bunsen burners burn with a blue flame.

    So much for the “science is settled”.

    • In a sense you are correct. And I know you are joking – But times with colder temperature counter intuitively tend to have more “blue” light. The average temperature of the sky during a normal sunny day is about 5900 Kelvin, a yellowish light. if you have a grey overcast day, it can go up to 50,000 kelvin, this is because the lower frequency light gets filtered out.

      Ice tends to reflect higher temperature light, giving it a blue note as well – which is why we associate Blue with colder weather. Right?

      Also we rarely have pure Hydrogen or pure natural gas blue flames. In nature we tend to see yellow flames in fire from carbon light emission, and in bunsen burners one tends to see yellow mixed with blue as well from minor sulphur/carbon contamination of the bunsen burner.

  11. Dear friends,
    After the April USA solar induced blackout, McGill University started an international campaign to
    “create solar shields against coronal mass ejections”, and an extinction!

    8 institutions have already started the simulations on the ultimate truce tool: Laser Earth Shield vs all deadly space threats, as asteroids, comets and solar superstorms that may blow up all nuclear, as we thankfully escaped in July 2012! But there’s still no world congress on TRUCE and Shield, even there are ALREADY 30 superlasers* that may start shielding humankind!

    Shall we wait for the next medium solar storm to cause another April-like USA blackout???

    8 institutions in 3 countries started Earth laser-Shield simulations.
    https://phys.org/news/2017-07-scientists-laboratory-astrophysical.html Princeton, RochesterΝΥ, Michigan, New Hampshire.

    To produce the wave, scientists used a laser to create a high-energy plasma—a form of matter composed of atoms and charged atomic particles—that expanded into a pre-existing magnetized plasma.

    * petawatt class lasers currently operational, under construction or in the planning phase. http://journals.cambridge.org/download.php?file=%2F4331_9B60F139B12FCF681605BFFDDE518E50_journals__HPL_HPL3_S2095471914000528a.pdf&cover=Y&code=9c75a0e12c4828629f1f376d4cb1ef35

    • Actually, no. A lie will always be a lie, but it can take on the appearance of truth if the truth is never stated. WW2 history is a perfect example of that.

  12. Not fake news, just conditioning news. Many people will say: – I just saw temps forecast, all the US were red!- or : – temps are above normal values! –
    Do you see how small are indexes in the colour scale? They must be present but as less visible as possible.

  13. I notice that intellicast use different colours – cooler colours – on their internstional site. The US colours are shifted to oranges and reds about 10 F compared to the colours they use for Europe.

  14. The little spoiled brat tarts & tards do it with the great lakes surface temps. too, making it look like they shoot up and down with every front that comes thru. Feeble minds will be lead.

  15. Weather channel is one of the worst deceivers they have gone to using red for the high temperature–almost year round. That’s right it’s “weather conditioning”–WC over-hypes almost every aspect of weather especially if it’s normal. To them every thunderstorm is a potential disaster.

  16. They also periodically fake their temp data at least for Cape Coral FL. Random spikes to over 100 degrees for 10 minutes on a 93 degree day. I’ll try and get a screenshot of one and post it.

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