Famine of 1315 an excellent reminder of what can occur

“Buy food.”

Famine of 1315 an excellent reminder of what can occur

By Dan Welch

It is clear that the elite (smartest and most evil) of the warmists know that they have one swing left at the Piñata. Between now and September (when the snow begins to fly), they, and their tools, are going to say and do anything they can to promote their agenda. They have over 30 years invested in this con job (the CO2 idea was hatched in the 60’s), and of course, they do not want the effort wasted.

“With the current extremely weak solar cycle already past its peak, colder and wetter weather is almost sure to follow. Most crop reports in Canada and the US are showing delays this spring due to cool and wet conditions. The famine of 1315 is an excellent reminder of what can occur.

Buy food.


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    • In the 60’s we were tackling the real pollution that cars were producing, SMOG. We were also experiencing Global Cooling at that time. CO2 was hatched in the 1940’s, debunked and throwing away. It really didn’t gain at lot of traction until the 1980’s. When Al Gore lost his run for President, he had very little money and no way to make a living, so he jumped on the Green Band Wagon and started pushing CO2 as the root of all Climate Warming – Change etc. Now he is a Billionaire.

      • Here are a couple of search terms so you can get the pdf’s;
        The first is from 1967 and a paper by Manabe and Wetherald. “Thermal equilibrium of the atmosphere with a given distribution of relative humidity.pdf”
        Hint: skip to the conclusions about CO2 at the end unless you really want to check out the differential equations.

        The second search term is “The
        Influence of Carbon Dioxide Variations on the Atmospheric Heat
        Balance by Lewis D. Kaplan of MIT from 1959.

        This is just a small sampling of what is out there. The U.N. picked up the ball and ran with it.

    • The CO2 thing was actually used and abused by the Tory party of Great Britain to deal with the coal miners. The idea was to find a way that coal was bad, so that there was a political imperative to move away from coal. The obvious solution was that CO2, the product of burning coal, was bad for the climate.

      And so it was born. It actually predated this, but the Thatcher parliament of Britain was the first to truly politicise it.

  1. Hello all,


    “The Great Famine of 1315–1317 (occasionally dated 1315–1322) was the first of a series of large scale crises that struck Europe early in the fourteenth century. Places affected include continental Europe (extending east to Russia and south to Italy) as well as Great Britain.[1] It caused millions of deaths over an extended number of years and marks a clear end to an earlier period of growth and prosperity between the eleventh to thirteenth centuries.

    The Great Famine started with bad weather in spring 1315, universal crop failures lasted through 1316 until summer harvest in 1317; Europe did not fully recover until 1322. It was a period marked by extreme levels of crime, disease, mass death and even cannibalism and infanticide. It had consequences for the Church, state, European society and future calamities to follow in the fourteenth century.”

    Regards Ant

    • Thank you, You’ve just shown that Global Warming is much preferable than Global Cooling. Which proves that if we could warm this planet with Co2 we’d be idiots not to.

  2. Significantly higher CO2 will help crops, but population has grown to enormous size. Shut down the coal fired power plants + cold = disaster!

    • Disaster is exactly what they want and every action they take is to insure it to fight them and rending us unable to care for ourselves. We all must do everything to kick all of them out of office. Everyone of us must educate and help them see by showing how their every action is preparing our demise.

  3. There was a great famine in Ireland in 1739-40 directly linked to one of the most severe winters ever recorded there, as distinct from the potato famine more than 100 years later which was caused by plant disease. The events of that awful time are reported in the book, ‘Ice-Age Ireland.’

  4. Have decided to buy a rather large freezer so I can get food at good prices to act a buffer during the bad times.

    • Please reconsider. A freezer works great when the electricity is on. Shut down the coal fired plants, the grid goes down and there goes your buffer.

      Look into an Excalibur dehydrator and an American canner and plenty of canning jars – at least 100 boxes of quarts and pints and a GOOD grain mill. Think in terms of lots of dried and canned fruits and vegetables, loads of pressure canned meats and chicken and fish and several TONS of wheat, barley and other grains ( not white rice, it goes stale.)

      You’ll need Mary Bells dehydrated foods books, a primer on building a long term food storage plan, and someone who knows how to pressure can and water bath can and is willing to spend time with you.

      It is quite a learning curve, so get started NOW! And this goes for everyone on this board – your family is depending on you thinking ahead, so get busy. Don’t depend on food pantries they can’t feed all the people coming for food now. Don’t think you can take from those who have actually prepared, if they’re prepared they have a way to defend their preparations too. Take responsibility now.

      • Appreciate your point Ann, but I’m doing this only to help keep my cost of eating down, not for survival. Where I live in MA, there is no way to do much about when the SHTF.

      • Thanks Ann. I finally got my greenhouse up with veggies growing in pots. Your sage advice would be a huge project to accomplish. Where would one store so much?

  5. A misogynist western religion which mandates uncontrolled population growth isn’t in the world’s interests either. In a solar minimum period the world may not be able to support 7 billion mouths to feed during some of the sequential famine periods to come. Nor, is the Capitalistic culture of unrestricted profit at any cost, or worst, programmed obsolescence and a throw away society, of goods which may have not even been used.
    Cultures need to moderate what they take out of the world’s economic system, to what is needed for a task, or to survive.
    Technology improvements can help, car gas consumption per mile has risen in the last 20 years from the 20’s MPG to the 60’s MPG, and Hybrids do even better. We can do more with less, but not if we are wasting billions into a CO2 fraud designed as a hidden tax on the developed world designed to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

    • Jimbob, don’t blame Catholics on unrestricted population growth; most Catholics cherry-pick what the Pope says about using birth control anyway. The highest birth rates these days are in poor nations who do not have access to birth control AT ALL, independent from whichever Western religion you choose to denigrate.

      I agree on your point about the need to be less of a throw-away society. Years ago (not that many!) we had REAL service departments where you could take a durable good like washing machine or refrigerator to be fixed, thereby giving years more use to your purchase. Somewhere along the line it was decided – by whom, I’d like to know – that it’s easier and cheaper to create products that are no longer serviceable, but rather, replaceable. As a result, we’re using more natural resources, more energy, creating more waste, and have eliminated many good paying SKILLED jobs which added to an otherwise robust economy. We need more of that, not less.

      Technology will improve many things in years to come, although automotive MPG’s are nowhere near 60 MPG even with hybrid technology as you have stated. The poor and uneducated have the most to both benefit by and fear from technological innovation: what happens when your local McDonald’s decides to automate the ordering and retail process, as is currently being beta-tested in Japan? You press some buttons, swipe your credit card, and out comes your made-to-order burger. These low-skill entry level jobs will dry up, and with them, opportunity to climb out of poverty for those nearest the economic bottom.

      That, ultimately, is how the UN and Agenda 21 will function: the elimination of great swaths of human populations around the world due to technology changes and an impending shift in climate. The poorest nations will undoubtedly suffer whilst the richest come through mostly unscathed. Wealth redistribution via a carbon tax will do little to fight that goal of the elites, especially when those in poverty have little in the way of resources with which to offset their plight.

      We like to think that, as humans, we are immune to significant population swings as most other animals. The sad truth is that we’re not, whether by an external forcing such as crop failure, or by design, as with UN mandates. The only way to truly stay ahead is to be self-reliant and informed.

      • H.B. – don’t just think about Catholics when thinking about uncontrolled population growth – we also have the “quiverfull” folks who are trying to have as many children as possible. Our severe population overshoot situation makes any change for the colder into a total disaster.

    • Without capitalism, you don’t get your “Hybrid” cars, who’s batteries grossly pollute. If we need to go green, the answer is natural gas. Wind does not work, solar is very limited and very expensive, hydroelectric kills fish. Geothermal is great if you live on a volcano. Nuclear works, but you can’t build it where a sunami can hit it. If the warmers would just jump on a sword for the rest of us, possible part of the population “problem” would be solved. The “western world” is actually not reproducing enough to sustain itself.

    • JimBob said ” Nor, is the Capitalistic culture of unrestricted profit at any cost,…”
      JK —The alternatives to profit are government bureaucrats which starved millions of people to death with crackpot food production schemes. Or do you N. Korea & Cuba are models of sustainability?

  6. This famine event took place during a solar minimum period, possibly due a meandering Jet stream with most of Europe on the cold wet side and under the cloud it carried for two growing seasons. The UK had a similar so called summer three years ago where crops produced only 30% of yield, and the 2013/2014 autumn flooding period over most of the country which caused significant agricultural damage.
    See this site http://www.landscheidt.info/?q=node/1 and look at the Carbon 14 chart for more information.

  7. in spite of strident alarmists bleatings here down under:-) the recently mild to warm start to autumn did also manage some rain(much needed) and we have good grass growth before the winter chill slows growth down, Dairy farms are very happy.
    Crops forecasts are for a good average year and maybe even above average if we dont get flooding rains or
    some other natural event, they DO have a bad mouse plague in Eyre peninsula in Sth Aus presently
    I experienced the last one there..started April 93 and lasted damn near the full year!

  8. How much food should you store, hide and protect? Going by Ant’s figures, seven to ten years worth. And forget refilling your meds. With that much disruption it will be a raw survivalist world.

  9. Recently I watched an AGW program on Nat.Geographic and one of the statistics mentioned was how volcanic eruptions merely contributed a mere 5 % of CO2 annually, compared to the supposedly 300 million tons of CO2, produced by the industry also on a yearly basis.
    If so, that sounds like an awful amount of CO2 to me.
    Is this figure in any way correct and if so, how can this huge amount be neutralized by natural means, other than increased plantgrowth, which by the way is phenomenal this spring in western Europe, pehaps partially due to the absence of the recent winter in our region.

    • I would not believe any figures you see on the National Geographic channel. They are the ones who showed the Statue of Liberty up to its waist in water from supposed melting of all the ice on the earth. There isn’t enough ice in the world to get anywhere near that height. Any event causing ice to melt that much and that fast would have already killed all life on earth, anyway. The Greenland ice sheet would take 300 to 400 years in the worst case scenario to melt.

      Anyway, the 5% estimate from volcanoes sounds way too low to me. It doesn’t matter anyway, since the real greenhouse gas affecting the climate is water vapor. Carbon Dioxide makes up .04% of our atmosphere, currently. It exceeded that amount in the 1800’s, something Warmists try to hide.

    • “a mere 5 % of CO2 annually, compared to the supposedly 300 million tons of CO2”

      Note the different metrics…
      Percentages vs. actual quantity.
      Why do they not compare apples with apples?

      The left uses this trick all the time.

  10. In a way the CO 2 scam was hatched in the 1960s because that is when Paul Erlich came out with his book “The Population Bomb” which did talk about global warming. Also, the movie “Soylent Green”, which came out in 1973, featured a New York City beset by global warming.

    That said, if everyone with the ability to put solar on their private homes would do so we could go a long way toward counteracting the ability of corporations and government to manipulate us. I do believe that the global warming scare is a scam but I also remember big oil and coal screwing us whenever they have been given the opportunity. Anything people can do to make themselves more energy independent would be helpful.

    • I agree with Craig. Solar powers my home and it feel so good to be energy independent. In the last 12 years the price of solar has gone down by half.

      • A contemporary report stating that it rained for 5 years non stop during the Little Ice Age was thought to be apocryphal….lets hope so.

  11. I think this is a timely warning of what is possible given the declining magnitude of the sun spot cycles.
    Some like to point to the solar minimums of the 17th to mid 19th centuries as the little ice age. This is because that was when we developed the means to make observations of sun spot activity with telescopes.
    The real start of the little ice age was the beginning of the 14th century. The problem was that we did not have telescopes or enough if any people trained to observe and properly record the changes in sun spot activity and the climate. If there were any records of climate change they were made by interested individuals, church and state. Given the chaotic politics of the time it is fortunate that any records of the times survived at all. If anyone
    can find a video of Big Chill little ice age they should watch it.

  12. The difference between the modern world and that of 1315 western Europe is that today we have far more trade and availability to move mass quantities of food resources around the globe.

    Back then, if the growing season in France was destroyed by an untimely cold snap or excessive rains, the entire region suffered because there was no way to import food from another region that hadn’t also been affected. Today, we could easily import millions of metric tons from huge markets in China, Brazil, India, Ukraine, Canada, or elsewhere. It is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

    • That’s unless Obama gets his way and shuts down our energy sources. It will be hard to move mass amounts of food by horse-drawn wagons. Especially if we’ve eaten the horses in order to survive.

  13. witness the evil that has been done in the past to those who were without any means to protect themselves; a culling of henry k’s ‘useless eaters’ could be planned for… the lemmings will be easily led to their doom.

  14. There was a devastating famine throughout Europe in the late 1700’s said to be the cause of the French Revolution and resulting in 180,000 plus people convicted of stealing food being transported to America and Australia from England alone.
    This famine was thought to be caused by poisonous gases washing over Europe from the eruption of the so-called Skaftáreldar (fires of Skaftá) Volcanic region of Iceland beginning in 1783.

    Was it gas or low solar activity?

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