Far colder than normal in Mongolia

On November 28 the temperature dropped to -32ºC  (-26.6ºF) in Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia), and November 29 it dropped to -30ºC. The average daily air temperature was ​​10ºC below the perennial values.

In the continental regions of the Far East, the average daily air temperature is lower than perennial values ​​by 4-6ºC, and in the east it is lowere by 8-10ºC.

In Oimyakon (Republic of Yakutia) at night, the air will cool down to -55ºC.


Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links

“As a geographer, I think a (little) ice age begins first in the coldest places of the world,” says Martin. “And maybe it’s just getting started.”

1 thought on “Far colder than normal in Mongolia

  1. Ongoing climate engineering is mostly to blame in our current weather whiplash we are all experiencing. The sun plays a huge part in the Earths climate (understatement) but the jet stream also plays a significant part in moving this heat, or lack thereof, throughout the planet (again, a huge understatement). Humans love to manipulate nature and in this case they will do so with catastrophic results. We need to look no further than what the military Army Corp of Engineers did to the once beautiful river in Los Angeles. What was once a beautiful lush green thriving eco-system is now an iconic concrete and steel rebar post-apocalyptic movie set for Terminator movies. As the military try and control the weather, they will undoubtedly be just as successful, unfortunately. These are sad times indeed.

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