Far colder than normal in Russia

-40ºC (-40ºF) frosts to come in Central Russia.
Within 3-5 days, the average daily temperature is expected to be 10-15 degrees below normal. In the north-east district (Kostroma and Ivanovo regions) predicted the strongest -40°C frosts.

In Moscow, the morning temperature will range from -23 to – 28°C, the whole region to -33°C.

The danger is that the low temperature will be accompanied by strong wind (5-10 m/s).

At the weather station “ENEA” January 5 snow depth increased to 22 cm, in the south of the area – up to 30 cm.

The south of the county is less cold (-20 to – 25). But due to strong winds and blizzards it will feel 5-8 degrees lower than actual. The combination of these factors increases the risk of frostbite.


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  1. Belarus, January 5, 2017: Over the weekend, it will be up to 32 degrees below zero. But in the middle of next week, it is expected warming. Up to minus 32 degrees air temperature may drop in the coming weekend, BelTA learned from the National Center for Hydrometeorology, control of radioactive contamination and environmental monitoring of the Ministry of Environment environment.
    The Hydromet explained that on 6 January in many parts of the Vitebsk region on the night the air temperature drops to minus 25-26 degrees, in connection with which weather forecasters announced orange danger level. In the night of 7-8 January in most parts of the country air is cooled to 25-27 degrees below zero, in the north-west at clearings – to minus 28-32 degrees.
    On Friday, January 6, is expected to partly cloudy. In some areas, mostly in the south-eastern part of the country, will take place a short-term snow, snowstorm is possible weak. In some parts of the roads remain icy conditions. The wind will be north 5-10 m / s, in the south-eastern regions – gusts up to 14 m / s.
    The temperature will be between minus 19 to minus 24 degrees, in the Vitebsk region is projected to 25-26 degrees below zero, the day will be 16-22 degrees below zero. In the south-eastern part of the country the temperature during the day will be minus 13-18 degrees.

  2. A little colder…
    On Christmas day (celebrated in Russia on January 7 ), Moscow reached -30ºC frost. At night, January 7 temperature drops to -31 … -33°C, the whole region -35ºC.
    Day thermometers will show -26 …-31°C.
    With a high probability of Christmas frost will be the strongest of the season. The average temperature is 18-20°C deviate from the norm. In the northeast of the Central District ice will increase to -38. The last time the 30°C frost was recorded in Moscow it was in 2006.

  3. Hi everybody! Really, it’s very cold here in Moscow Region. The wind makes the things worse. I do not wish anybody to occur out for more than fifteen minutes.

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