Far colder than normal in Siberia

For the past week, the average temperature has run below the norm at 8-16 degrees in southern Siberia.

In Krasnoyarsk, the average daily temperature was 23 degrees below normal. The worst freeze occurred on January 21, dropping to -40.3 ° C (-40F).

On January 25, the temperature dropped to -38.5, below the norm by 19 degrees.

In Novosibirsk the daytime high – the high! – reached only -26.5 ° C, in Omsk only -24.2 ° C. A deviation of 13-16 degrees.

On Friday night in the central and southern regions of Krasnoyarsk and Altai, it was -45 ° C,
in the region of Kemerovo and in the Republic of Altai down to -40 ° C, in Khakassia down to -42 ° C, Tyva and Irkutsk Region down to -49 ° C, in the Transbaikal region down to -46 ° C.

The temperature on Saturday in Novosibirsk is -30 ° C at night.

In southern Siberia, the night temperature will be -40 to –45 ° C, in Tuva -45 to –50 ° C.


All the way to the Crimea

In the central regions of Ukraine the temperature dropped below -20°C, in Romania below -17°C, and in Bulgaria below -13°C.

The cold hand of winter even reached the northern coast of the Aegean Sea – in Greek Thessaloniki the temperature dropped to -4°C.

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5 thoughts on “Far colder than normal in Siberia”

  1. Nothing to see here, move along! In two years time these temperatures will be at or near normal, because the records of the temperatures will have been adjusted by then. Besides, Big Al said that colder winters was predicted by global warming, so move along, nothing to see here, nor at the South Korean fish farm, either.

    • As this is Russia, they don’t play the fiddle it game so the temps will stay on the record. But to cover that the warmists will say that the tropical temps in the Arctic caused by global warming has pushed the cold south….somehow. Has this been in the US, then certainly NOAA would have erased it much as they have done with the cold in New York State a few years back.

  2. Well Tom O….I know you are being sarcastic but since Earth is normally an ice ball we really are falling back to more norms….

  3. So far west parts of continents are spared of those cold spells. Living few years in California, now back to Slovakia I see this. Oceans are buffering heat and together with prevailing west – east movement of atmosphere it is keeping west parts of continents warm in time where central and eastern parts are freezing. In Europe line where Atlantic is stopping to have warm influence is somewhere in Ukraine Russia border. So west Europe is safe from cold now. Although there is no fun in having +10C foggy, rainy overcast instead of -3C freezing sunny.

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