Far, far below average temperatures across much of the central and eastern United States

Winter will not give up, warns the Weather Service. Record cold temperatures are possible from the Upper Mississippi Valley into portions of the Plains…the mid section of the nation.

Temperatures will be 10 to 30 degrees below average across much of the central and eastern United States.

Meanwhile, heavy snow is likely over parts of the Northern/Central Rockies…

Heavy snow to blanket the region

As this system exits into the eastern Atlantic tonight showers and wet snowflakes will overspread the central/southern Appalachians, as well as the Mid-Atlantic states. Across the northern and central Rockies, winter will not give up as cold temperatures and heavy snow blanket the region.

A cold front is forecast to enter from Canada tonight and swing through the western U.S. Wednesday and Thursday. 1 to 2 feet of snow is possible across the higher elevations of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Upwards of 6 inches of snow (15 cm) is forecast across the High Plains of Wyoming and northern Colorado. Snow showers are also possible across the Central Plains and Lower Great Lakes along the front.

Will feel more like March instead of mid-April

Temperatures across much of the central and eastern U.S. will feel more like March instead of mid-April. Thus, widespread Freeze Warnings and Frost Advisories stretch from the Southern Plains to the Ohio Valley. The core of the cold air will be found across the Midwest and Northern Plains through Thursday. High temperatures will struggle to get out of the 30s and 40s in this region, with lows in the teens and 20s.

Temperature records could fall

A few daily temperature records could fall here. Meanwhile, the West Coast and southern Florida will enjoy above average temperatures. Forecast lows in the 70s across southern Florida would break a plethora of daily high minimum temperature records.


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  3. So much for cold and snow being a thing of the past!

    That can be the case when you have no blocking in high latitudes in Dec-March, like this year, followed by a return of a cold pattern later in spring. People get too fooled by a mild winter and then plant crops or gardens way too early which then freeze off in April.

    With the climate cooling cycle in force, I wouldn’t plant till mid May these days!

  4. At the same time, climate “scientists” are telling us that Greenland is rapidly melting.

    Looking at the cold plunge covering most of North America, it is disturbing to see how closely it parallels the glacial advance during the last ice age.

    I have lived all of my 70+ years in southern Ontario, Canada. Our place is about 44 degrees N. Can’t think of any place on the planet at a similar latitude that has such a dismal climate.

    • Ian, I think you need to go buy a southern Ontario grown banana. Canadian Canada’s second-warmest province is Ontario, where Kingsville, Leamington and Chatham-Kent—three communities in the Windsor-Essex region, the southernmost point in Canada—stand out as having consistently more temperate climates than the rest. Toronto, which isn’t particularly known for its great weather, has milder winters compared to the rest of Canada than you might realize, with 264 days per year above 0°C.

      • Most of the rest of Canada is substantially north of the 44th parallel.

        Try Stockholm, Sweden: 59 degrees N, and cherry trees were blooming April 1.

        When our European ancestors first arrived here, they must have wondered what in God’s name they had gotten themselves in for. On the other hand, they had their own land, and didn’t have to cow tow to the Laird.

        • Harbin china and maybe Sapporo Japan? But your right overall we are cold for our latitude.
          Don’t even mention Europe they lucked out bigtime climate wise for their latitude. How is Oslo Norway (60 north latitude) basking in mid to high teens (celsius) right now while we’re still shivering in cold and snow. Seems unfair.

    • “Can’t think of any place on the planet at a similar latitude that has such a dismal climate.”

      Try Lake Ontario lakefront zones in western NY. Long grey winters, almost no sun, with lake effect snows 10 inches each dump. Piles (but with black crud on top) build up into April. But I left after HS. Later tried Wisconsin, which was much colder and with more wind but also sunnier. Left there too after college.

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  6. Very winterlike pattern, and it would be more winterlike than average even for winter. Hopefully it’s not long before it moderates.

  7. AHHH, SNOW!
    You got SNOW??

    Why haven’t we had any this year in Denmark?

    FSCK OFF, bloody Ocean!!!

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