Far more snow than normal in Moscow

More than 160% of seasonal norm.

From March 3, 2016 the increase of fresh snow in the city was 245 cm (8 feet).

And there is still almost a month of winter weather.

This means this winter will be one of the snowiest in the annals of Moscow weather.


Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

“Global Warming or Climate Change,” says Martin. “I know.”

4 thoughts on “Far more snow than normal in Moscow”

  1. The mainstream media likely will ignore Russia. They will be hyping the warmth in the east of the USA this week, and ignoring the snows in the west, especially in the mountains of California.

    What is really interesting is that the snows extend down into the mountains of central Mexico.


    The jet-stream has been very loopy this winter, and Mexico has had much more snow than normal. Also Turkey. You’d think the media would mention Turkey, due to the Syrian refugees heading north, but I haven’t heard a word outside of your site.

    • It’s up here and down there where snow is concerned. The European Alps had a slow start this winter but now have totals above average. Before last week, parts of Italy had had a very un-snowy winter.

  2. No it’s called “climate ice age”
    They had it right the first time back in the early 70’s.

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