Farmers facing one of their most frustrating harvest seasons in years

Farmers running out of propane while struggling to dry high-moisture (wet) grain.

Last week I posted an article entitled Emergencies declared in 5 states due to propane shortages.

Now, surprise, surprise, members of Congress have written the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) about the need for a continued supply of propane to Midwest states.

Farmers and other rural residents across the Midwest “are facing an untenable situation with limited propane supplies in available in some areas to dry corn coming off the field,” wrote the 31 House members from both parties who signed the letter.

“We hope to avoid a disastrous situation with cold temperatures and snow in the forecast spiking demand for residential deliveries just as farmers are needing to heat poultry and livestock barns and crop farmers are facing one of their most frustrating harvest seasons in years.”

“Those (farmers) who are lucky enough to have crops to harvest this year are now struggling with drying a wet corn crop. Wet corn put in storage can start to spoil in as little as three days. There are reports that grain elevators are having to stop the delivery of corn from farmers and storing corn on the ground because they’re running short of propane as well.”

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    • Some people believe that removing Trump from office will generate a civil conflict.
      As for the New Civil War, Navy Seal Craig “Sawman” Sawyer said it will be very short. Why? “Because one side in this conflict has 8 Trillion bullets & the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.”

  1. What is the formula for suicide ? The Dutch main stream media , left and “progressive right’ , and the government nowadays here has a simple solution for this problem :

    1. Ban natural gas .

    2. Put 50% of the farmers out of business .

    3.Tax CO2 output and drop it to 0% within 30 years .

    4.Tax all air travel especially holidays-traffic .

    5. Curtail all economic activity based upon idiotic bureaucratic EU-regulations lacking all democratic control . The George Orwell state has started here its implementation .

    You will not believe this is all happening here right now . The government has sneaked the laws for this through Parliament here and guess who are the biggest supporters of this coup on our population ? The Dutch Royal Family , which is living of a yearly pension of roughly 300 million euros .

    We shall see how quickly the Netherlands will change from one of the richest into one of the poorest . Already TATA Steel is taking the consequences and moving its ultra-modern steel mills outside of Europe . Eastern European politicians are already rubbing their hands and prophesying the demise of western Europe as the Germans are moving on next to the same track as the stupid Dutch apart from a slight difference : Germans are used to more hardship and adapt faster to new realities .

  2. As the waters receded from floods that devastated the Midwest last spring, they left behind hundreds of storage tanks — some containing hazardous materials.

    Crews from state agencies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have collected more than 740 of these containers from riverfront areas in Missouri, public radio station KCUR reports.

    The tanks began washing up on roadways in March, and many were found on Interstate 29 and surrounding roads in Holt and Atchison counties, Tonya Lohman, district maintenance and traffic engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation office in St. Joseph, told the News-Press Media Group.

    Some of the containers, which range in size from small buckets to 500,000-gallon tanks hold hazardous materials, including anhydrous ammonia, diesel fuel, pesticides and other farm chemicals.

  3. You can’t expect Washington legislators to address this situation. They are much too busy with impeachment. Deplorables will just have to solve their own problems.

    • Which we will solve….and when the Democrats finally put this bullshit with Trump to a vote it will be up to Republicans to understand if they want to prevent the next civil war they must squash it like the bullshit bug it is in the Senate…..they don’t and I’m pretty going to say I believe you will have full anarchy to the point that those yellow vest protests still going on in France will seem like child’s play.

    • I would guest mostly corn for ethanol and much or all of that genetically modified.

      I lived in VA for 15 years, on an old farm. In that region all the farmers started producing corn for ethanol after there was a big push in the area do do so from the agriculture department. Most farmers didn’t even care if the crops failed because they could get subsidies for crop failure…

      also I’m not sure of this, but I am under the impression that you can make ethanol out of trashed corn crops… I believe they just grind it all up. Does anyone know about that?

  4. We say again: 2019’s current non-seasonal temperature drops throughout Earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres are most probably not a cyclical phenomenon but artifacts of the episodically active Raikoke volcano off Cape Allon in Russia’s disputed Kurile Islands chain south of Kamchatka, along the North Pacific “rim of fire” east of Okhotsk.

    Wholly unreported, from 1750 UTC on June 21st – 22nd 2019, Raikoke’s strato-volcano erupted with “massive explosive activity” firing clouds of ash 43,000 feet high (13.1 km). At what point does this significant atmospheric-geophysical event begin to register in public discourse?

    By disquieting analogy these high-altitude, sunlight-reflecting cinder-streams, due to permeate stratospheric currents for some 18 months (think Tambora’s 1815 “year without a summer”), have coincided with widespread crop failures plus a pending “dead sun” chill-phase similar to interludes in AD 1350 – 1420, 1645 – 1715, which began and reinforced Earth’s 500-year Little Ice Age through AD 1850/1890.

    • Lloyd, I remember seeing something about this a couple of months ago but it seemed to be quickly quashed by others. Do you have some really good source for the reports? I remember the effects of Pinatubo several years back. Thanks, Earl

  5. As a Welsh farmer,good luck to American farmers hit by poor weather.If you are a farmer,you always have to cope with the elements. Sometimes Mother Nature is kind……….other times she’s not !!
    Good luck! May the good times return !!

    • Lyn, Exactly. Farmkids like me learned early not to depend on anything and to be self reliant. When I went to work for a major chemical company, I could not believe the number of my co-workers who believed they had a job for life. Their behavior as a result was like a spoiled (or spoilt) child. They could not understand either my drive or my reluctance to count on my job. In the end, they all lost theirs. I also say this as a reply to a couple of other posters who talked about the potential civil war and the difference between the self reliant, prepared side versus the coddled, owed, and ill prepared unicorns. Take care, Earl

  6. We who have farm experience also have survival experience. My blue berries have been screwed for 3 seasons due to climate shifting from warm to cold. The main reason is we get winds that drop temps 20 to 30 degree’s during budding when the fruit buds are just beginning to fruit or turn to fruit. Seems to happen at critical times year after year. That aside, our growing season has also reduced by 3 to 6 weeks. Make an enormous difference. I’m told we live in a volatile micro climate area. What ever. We bought 2 green houses this year. Will give that a shot as we build other infrastructure for growing. Don’t know if we have the time or resources but my plan is to go underground. I believe we may be too late.

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