Farmers flee Mount Tambora

History’s deadliest mountain rumbled ominously this month.

“Bold farmers in Indonesia routinely ignore orders to evacuate the slopes of live volcanoes, but those living on Tambora took no chances when history’s deadliest mountain rumbled ominously this month,” says this article on

“Villagers like Hasanuddin Sanusi have heard since they were young how the mountain they call home once blew apart in the largest eruption ever recorded — an 1815 event widely forgotten outside their region — killing 90,000 people and blackening skies on the other side of the globe.

“So, the 45-year-old farmer didn’t wait to hear what experts had to say when Mount Tambora started being rocked by a steady stream of quakes. He grabbed his wife and four young children, packed his belongings and raced down its quivering slopes.

“Aside from a few minor bursts in steam in the 1960s, the mountain has been quiet for much of the last 200 years.”

Then, in April of this year, “volcanic quakes jumping from less than five a month to more than 200.” At the same time, it “started spewing ash and smoke into the air, sometimes as high as 1,400 meters (4,600 feet), ” something that observers hadn’t seen in their lifetimes.

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As I posted on September 9th, Tambora’s cataclysmic eruption in April of 1815 was the most powerful eruption in recorded history and lowered global temperatures by as much as 3 degrees °C.

A year after the eruption, most of the northern hemisphere experienced sharply cooler temperatures during the summer months.

In parts of Europe and in North America, 1816 was known as “the year without a summer.”


9 thoughts on “Farmers flee Mount Tambora”

    • No. Speculation is that it has not been long enough to build up the necessary pressure. But there’s really no way to know. – Robert

  1. Unfortunately that article is a bit sensationalist.
    The amount of farmers surrounding Tambora number in their hundreds – this is a remote province in Indonesia.
    The Indonesian Government Volcanological service posts are warning setting on active volcanos (or as they become active and or close to erupting). The setting for Tambora has gone up so as to set an exclusion zone around e equator. (3 kms) Therefore the farmers will evacuate that area.

    Tambora had it’s day in 1815. It will be a very long time before it erupts similarly. (In layman’s terms there’s a big hole where a mountain used to be)

  2. P.S. Just because Tambora wont make a massive eruption doesn’t mean to say it can’t happen elsewhere in Indonesia. Indonesia is the country which has the most amount of active volcanos on the earth.

  3. In spite of multiple volcanos emitting more debris in the last couple of years…we still have the warmista brigades wanting to spew sulphur etc into the air to provode “cooling”
    you have tpo wonder if? they are so out of touch they can’t read the honest data reporting cooling oceans and atmosphere.
    or they just don’t want to know? upsets their playtime..

  4. BEANO,what a dumb post.

    I say TAMBORA , has a good chance to have a significant eruption. Solar activity is in a positive state, for increased geological activity, due to the prolong solar minimum with active spurts from time to time. Past history ,as does this current year, suggest with this type of solar activity expect an increase in geological activity, which sure has been the case thus far for 2011.

    I have taken note, that everytime earth has a geomagnetic storm, resulting in a k index of 5 or higher , 1 to 25 days following the event, there is a mark increase in geological activity. It has happened each and everytime this year.

  5. Sorry Salvatore. I’ll take my Seismologist’s hat off after working in Indonesia for fifteen years and leave you to your astrological expert predictions.

  6. Who is using astrological predictions, try astronomical instead, which is only saying that at times of prolong solar minimums with active spurts gelogical activity increases. That is all it says, and if you don’t believe it, go back in time and plot all major geological activity versus prolong solar minimums, you will see what I am talking about.

    As for TAMBORA, neither you or I or anyone, knows when and if a major eruption might once again happen. That is why I said your post was dumb. No one knows that answer, including you.

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