How fast can things freeze?

I love this image of a mammoth trapped standing upright in the ice.

Just How Fast Can Things Freeze?

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I write about a mammoth found standing upright in the ice in Not by Fire but by Ice.

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17 thoughts on “How fast can things freeze?

  1. I expect things can freeze up pretty quick.
    One of the hazards of mini ice ages is disease epidemics and one of the most infamous of them all is the plague which by the way has been in the news in recent months. This is something that needs to be prepped for both in terms of prevention and treatment. › News › World…/2017/08/…/bubonic-plague…/570364001/

  2. Very impressive analysis over the long term. In the short term we have blue states like NY blockading their neighbors to show their global warming fanaticism. NY won’t permit natural gas pipelines to be built on its territory because the gas is produced by fracking in PA. This leaves New England literally out in the cold!

  3. I think all of the signs are adding up. We are headed towards a MAJOR ice age not a mini one and certainly not global warming. Was the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” a prophecy? Just beginning to wonder…..

  4. Normal, cyclic climate change, but NOT Human Induced Climate Change, based on MANNipulated data.
    Mann should hide his head in shame as the waste of Trillions of $ of investment investgating the none existent impact of a lagging indicator of oceanic warming (CO2), based on his mannipulated, anti Hydrocarbon warming graph based on his barking up the wrong lonesome pine.

  5. the goracle and his minion/muppet ,mann…should be wearing orange onesies if there ever is any justice and reality

  6. In 5 years, those living in those States bordering Canada, will DEMAND the Federal Government to burn, 24/7, every single piece of coal they can dig out of West Virginian, 24/7. Non-stop.

    Please, Government, just burn piles upon piles, and miles upon miles of coal. Without this, it will be impossible to live there and TRILLIONS of dollars of infrastructure (homes, businesses, NFL Stadiums) will be worthless and buried under snow.

    It will be a State of Emergency for us, all of Man Kind, to pump as much C02 into the atmosphere, so as to counter-act the mini (not so mini?) Ice Age. FORD will be forced to build/sell cars that get no more than 8 miles per gallon, and GM will be forced to bring back the Eldorado and Coupe de Ville 457 engines. Every Dodge car will be forced to carry the 12 cyl Viper engine…….The Corvette will be designed to be 2,000 lbs heavier……….Today’s electric toy cars will become illegal.

    Think I am wrong? Man kind was stupid enough to think his tiny engines could “warm” a Planet. Mankind will do anything to prevent freezing to death. Cold Kills. Warm Heals.

    Of course, the “scientists” will tell us that burning hundreds of thousands of tons of coal a day won’t “heat” up the atmosphere, yet they tell us that we have heated up the atmosphere with the pathetic amount we burn now. THEY will want it both ways.

    Remember, class, Global Warming causes Ice Ages.

  7. Global Cooling at first I wanted to say your comment was asinine but after laughing and thinking a little about what you said you summed up all this bullshit in one short paragraph and I can do it in one word HYSTERIA….The hysteria of freezing to death will change all these laws again and lead to a complete reversal of where we are at.

  8. What would you do if you based your life, reputation and personal identity on a fallacy? Say “I was mistaken”?

    He’s gone too far to back off now.

    I wonder what we’re going to use to heat our homes during the upcoming grand minimum, greenhouse gases?

    Sorry, according to Al that no longer works.

  9. Here in Southern California we’ve had only 1 day of rain it’s exceptionally hot during the day and cold at night. Last year we had tons of rain it was enjoyable this year does not feel like winter.

  10. In past ice ages, Washington D.C. was not covered in ice, perhaps it will find itself a mile under ice this next time. Then Hell can truly freeze over!

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