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  1. Doesn’t volcanic eruptions increase cloud cover, blocking out more of our Suns energy? Looks like another record year for volcanic eruptions. That’s tons and tons of particulates circulating the Earth. The cartoon seemingly has water vapor as the elephant in the room. Thanks 😉

    • Water vapour IS the elephant in the room.

      Water undergoes phase changes during which it absorbs or releases energy without change in temperature – no other substance on Earth does this at ambient temperatures !

      Water vapour absorbs incoming solar energy preventing it from hitting the surface thus reducing the heating impact. This happens even when there are no clouds – clouds obviously have a major cooling impact.

      Water absorbs solar energy and some evaporates without significant increase in temperature compared to land surfaces adjacent to a water body – the water is usually cooler than the sand on the beach for example.

      Water vapour also absorbs significant terrestrial radiation at lower levels in the atmosphere thus reducing radiation to space. This causes it to warm and rise in the atmosphere. When it rises high enough in the atmosphere it releases the latent heat of vaporisation energy as it condenses thus potentially increasing radiation to space (?).

      The latent heat of vaporisation is about 5 times the energy required to cause CO2 to increase in temperature by 1 degree C and water vapour has a broad spectrum while CO2 is virtually transparent to IR radiation over most of its spectrum.

      But I have no doubt that during the day water vapour reduces the heating impact of the Sun.

      Even tropical cities like Singapore – an island surrounded by ocean – never experience the extreme heat of inland cities such as Alice Springs in Australia. They never experience the cold inland cities can as well.

      What happens at night is more complicated. Condensation also releases energy to the surrounding atmosphere thus warming so called non IR radiating gases – oxygen and nitrogen – and this logically suggests some sort of energy trap but not the IR absorption method promoted by the IPCC.

      But no-one really KNOWS – and you should beware of anyone who claims they know. Presenting a logical argument is the best we can do.

      People have been crying doom and gloom – “the end is nigh” for thousands of years and it mostly concerns fire and brimstone while what knowledge we have of the past suggests eventually Robert is likely to be shown correct when what appears inevitable occurs – the next ice age.

  2. I just discovered that my mother who lives in BC has to pay a carbon tax just to fly from Comox to Vancouver and back.
    Science fraud and government greed is having real consequences for real people. It is no longer just a threat it is a reality.

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