Three feet (1 meter) of snow at Wolf Creek Colorado

With 3 feet of snow, Wolf Creek Ski Area will open this weekend … the earliest open ever.


Loveland and Arapahoe Basin typically duel for the title of first in Colorado, with Loveland winning the race last year on Oct. 24 but this time southern and southwestern mountains won.

Forecasters are calling for a second wave of mountain snow Saturday evening into the day Sunday.

News Article: uthern-Colorado-snow

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Facebook Page (Photos):!/pages/Wolf-Creek-Ski-Area/65475908503

Thanks to Ralph (the weather nut) and Jay Curtis for these links

“I’ve been a skier in Colorado for more than 40 years,” says Jay. “Although I’ve seen a few rare occasions when ski areas have opened at Halloween, I’ve never seen an area open this early. Snow and freezing temperatures from the same storm are predicted for my hometown of Colorado Springs tomorrow.”

Link to the Colorado Springs weather forecast:



3 thoughts on “Three feet (1 meter) of snow at Wolf Creek Colorado”

  1. While I always enjoy an opportunity to laugh at the Al Gore types, I feel for the peoples and animals that are stressed by a cooling planet.
    Nature is in control and we are not, nor will be.

    • There is no doubt that we impact heavily on the environment. The way we have destroyed habitat for our own pleasure, as well as stripped it for our resources can not be denied. In these respects, as stewards of the land, we, not nature, are in charge. However, this has nothing to do with fictious events, such as global warming. And that is the travesty of something like “global warming.” It truly takes away from educating people to live in greater harmony with the land and its other inhabitants, and merely finds a way to funnel the remaining “wealth” of those that are not wealthy into the pockets of those that are – “the Al Gore types.”

      • Great post Tom – I have always said we need to be responsible stewards of our environment. I also believe impacting to global economy requires a bottoms up approach – doing our part at the local level is the best way to manage the environment. With that said, let’s hope we have enough technology to mitigate the impact of the naturally occuring cycles of the climate.

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