Several feet of snow for parched California

By next Saturday, twin Pacific storms are expected to bring as much as 2 inches of rain to the coast and several feet of snow to the Sierra Nevada.

This article on focuses on the much-needed drought relief that these two storms will bring.

However, buried in the article is the admission that “By the end of next weekend, several feet of snow could blanket the Sierra, reaching as low as about 4,500 feet.”

Looking further into the future, meteorologists say computer models show another sign of hope: greater chances that this year could see El Nino conditions and accompanying rainfall.

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    • Oops copied wrong story unintentionally,dates off but current temps in western Canada are in the -40s,so I figure it is the epicenter ofthe brutal cold that north america in general is expieriencing.

  1. really hope they do get useful amounts of rain, and hope that they LEARN and start to practice water saving measures and replace the bloody dams!! that the agenda21 greentard euro mobs conned em into removing.

  2. Snow in March in the Sierra is entirely normal. Five times since 1970, Mammoth Mountain has had over 100 inches of snow in March and three times greater than 150 inches. April is a normal month for snow in Mammoth too. The data I quote comes from the snow records since 1971 which Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort’s website has had posted for at least the past 5 years.

    California’s water supplies depend on deep, deep snow packs in winter and to suggest there is anything other than normal about that is to be peddling false agendas for no good reason.

      • I don’t understand Rhys Jaggar’s point either. I have all of Mammoth Mountain’s data on a spread sheet. So far, we are in the forth driest snow season since 68-69 and after this storm will probably end up 5th or 6th. Of the other dry starts, two were in the 70’s, two in the 80’s, and one in the 90’s with no real pattern except that it hasn’t happened since 90-91. This, I believe, has made the CA water authorities complacent for the possibility of these events.

    • Normal,heavy snowpack for the Sierras? Whatever happened to “children just aren’t going to know what snow is?” I guess some of those dire predictions must have been in error.

  3. This marks 2nd consecutive winter season of La Nada.

    On a El Nino coming it seems like NOAA and the WMO are saying the same thing;

    As of mid-January 2014, except for a small possibility for weak and brief La Niña development during the next couple of months, outlooks indicate likely continuation of neutral conditions into the second quarter of 2014;

    Current forecasts indicate approximately equal chances for neutral conditions or the development of a weak El Niño during the third quarter of 2014, reflecting increased chances for development of a weak El Niño.

    But what computer models predictions and what nature does can be two different things…

  4. California will get much needed water but the feds will take it away and not let it be used for growing food for people. The feds require millions of gallons of fresh water a day to be flushed into the bay to protect and “endangered” fish.

    People starving vs an allegedly endangered fish – easy call for the current federal administration. Fish live – people die.

    Then the O will give them another speech and blame global warming for their water problems.

  5. No El Nino? – “proof of man-made climate change”; an El Nino? – “proof of man-made climate change” the “so-called” climate experts will say.

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