Ferry with 190 people aboard stuck in heavy ice off Cape Breton, N.S.

Marine Atlantic says one of its ferries is stuck in pack ice off Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Company spokesman Darrell Mercer says the MV Highlanders is travelling with 190 passengers on board.


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10 thoughts on “Ferry with 190 people aboard stuck in heavy ice off Cape Breton, N.S.

  1. big ferries over there..I was imagining one of the far smaller aussie style ones.
    shows just how thick the ice must be to stop one that big.

    • Many Russian scientists are predicting that we are heading for another ice age. Perhaps someone is taking notice of what they say.

  2. And not a mention of this by the BBC! However, it did mention something about a sled dog race in Alaska where the starting point had to be moved north because of lack of snow due to the ‘warm winter’!!!

  3. I’m certain Al Gore and friends will have a good explanation why a ferry over 1000 miles south of the ice-less Arctic Circle is stuck in ice.

  4. Wasn’t it last year when a ship of green fools got stuck in Antarctica? I think even the icebreakers who came to rescue them got stuck too,and helicopters were needed to get the people off board.

    They were a bunch of academics sent there to prove how global warming was melting the ice. Ha ha…….

    • Only difference was that occurred at high summer in the southern hemisphere – December 2013.

      December 22 2013 was the date of the summer solstice but November in Australia can be regarded as summer – even September/October maximums can be hot.

      Normally by December getting stuck in Antarctic ice isn’t a problem but it has been for the last few years.

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