Fierce cold, even record cold, in Kamchatka

The weather in Chukotka and Kamchatka has noticeably deteriorated.

Both in the continental regions of Chukotka and in Kamchatka it is now much colder than it should be on the calendar. The temperature anomaly reaches 6-8 degrees.

In Kamchatka, and in the southeast, the cold reached a record. In Nachiki, on the morning of February 4, the air cooled to -43.4°C. The previous record, -42.7 °C, held since 1973.

Not only cold, but also blizzards with a sharp gusty wind (up to 24 m/s) came both to Kamchatka and Chukotka. And this weather will last some more time.

On February 6 in Chukotka temperatures will drop to -30 ..- 35°C, in places -25 ..- 30°C, in continental areas up to -50°C.

In Kamchatka in the south of the peninsula -10 ..- 15°C, in places -20 ..- 25, at night to -41 ..- 46°C. In the northern regions -22 ..- 27°C, in places -12 ..- 17°C, at night to -40°C.

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  1. might be from this??
    The polar stratospheric vortex is a jet stream in the Arctic stratosphere. This winter it has been very strong, bottling up cold air and preventing it from spilling to lower latitudes. Just before we launched on Jan. 22nd, something unexpected happened to the polar vortex. It became elliptical and rotated around, sloshing a mass of super-cold stratospheric air over northern Scandinavia.

    This is what the vortex looked like on Jan. 22-23, according to NASA’s Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS):

    it wont copy the pics so pop to to see it

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