Fighting propaganda with truth

“The women who accept this AGW propaganda will once again be slaves of men.”
– J.H. Walker

Fighting propaganda with truth

J.H. Walker

The leadership of the US Democratic Political Party is the root cause of this war on worldwide people’s living standards, with Academic freedom used to corrupt science to its cause, its method of capturing the hearts and minds of the people using mass media, by saying a lie often enough the people will believe it.

They aren’t the friends of the people, they are their socialist enslavers.

They, the so called masters of the universe, the tiny minority of elite globalists which wish to live on the fat of the land while the vast majority return to miserable lives tied to land and the vagaries of cyclic climate-induced famine.

Within four human generations the world as we know it will be back in the dark ages and the women who accepted this AGW propaganda, hook, line, and sinker will once again be slaves of men.

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    • Women had to give up their Government employment upon getting married a mere five decades ago.

      Pre Suffragettes women were unable to vote.

      Before that married women were not allowed to own property or have their own money – if they had it as an unmarried woman they basically lost individual ownership upon marriage.

      Women do not have as many freedoms even today as they should or think they do.

    • In England not for the last 80 years.
      Untill quite recently it was legal for a husband to beat his wife
      In England:
      The philosopher John Locke opposed marital inequality and the mistreatment of women during this time.[97] He was well known for advocating for marital equality among the sexes in his work during the 17th century. According to a study published in the American Journal of Social Issues & Humanities, the condition for women during Locke’s time were as quote:[97]

      English women had fewer grounds for divorce than men until 1923 [97]
      Husbands controlled most of their wives’ personal property until the Married Women’s Property Act 1870 and Married Women’s Property Act 1882[97]
      Children were the husband’s property[97]
      Rape was legally impossible within a marriage[97]
      Wives lacked crucial features of legal personhood, since the husband was taken as the representative of the family (thereby eliminating the need for women’s suffrage). These legal features of marriage suggest that the idea of a marriage between equals appeared unlikely to most Victorians.[97] (Quoted from Gender and Good Governance in John Locke, American Journal of Social Issues & Humanities Vol 2[97])

  1. This is the truth, but people don’t know it. Bangladesh, January 14th, 2019
    Cold-related diseases claim 100 children’s lives in Barisal
    On average, four to five infants died, every day, in December 2018. Over 100 children have died from cold-related diseases at Sher-E- Bangla Medical College Hospital (SBMCH), in Barisal, in December 2018.
    SBMCH Director Dr Baqir Hossain said the children died at the pediatric ward.
    Observing that the situation was worsening, he said, on an average, about four to five infants—admitted to the hospital’s pediatric ward —died every day.
    The director said the children had come to SBMCH from upazila-level hospitals and also different town and city clinics.
    Jibon Krishna Dey, president of Khelaghar district, said there are no hospitals for children in Barishal division, so they demand one be established quickly.
    Dr Faizul Haque Ponir, residential physician of the pediatric ward of SBMCH, said seven infants suffering from cold-related diseases—like pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis— died on January 12.
    Most of the child patients at the hospital were admitted at the last moment with severe breathing difficulties.
    Dr Faizul Haque Ponir said last December, on average, around 200 infants received treatment outdoors; and 110 patients were admitted, per day, to the pediatric ward, even though it only has the capacity for 48 patients.
    Rokeya Begum, who had been waiting in queue at SBMCH outdoors for two hours with her six-month old child, said her baby had been suffering from cold-related diseases for the last two days.
    Another baby boy of the same age was brought to the hospital from Bakergonj Upazila Health Complex with the same problem.
    The baby boy was suffering breathing complications, his mother, Nilufar Begum, told the Dhaka Tribune.
    Hosneara, another mother from Baufal of Patuakhali, said she took her two year-old daughter to SBMCH on January 11 with serious breathing complications.
    She said: “My baby was first admitted to local upazila health complex, but later we shifted her here as her condition deteriorated.”
    The baby girl was seen occasionally wheezing under the oxygen mask placed over her mouth.

    Huge rush at the outdoor of Barisal SBMCH as numerous children are suffering from cold-related diseases because severe cold this winter season, on January 14, 2019 Dhaka Tribune

  2. wtf does dumb/gulible women have to do with it?
    theres as many if not more daft men believing the agw agitprop.
    and unless youre the one percent Now…majority of us ARE already slaves in the system in reality
    and if the warmist mongrels got their way it wouldnt be 4 gen it would be at best 2.
    because the damnable school system has one gen primed already and the other on the downward path
    see one state in usa wants to FORCE agw psyops onto schools as mandatory subject already
    sadly yes its a stupid woman proposing this;-(

    • I think the piece is referring to the large proportion of woman who subscribe and make up the majority of the Democratic vote to the Green Democrat story on the basis of cleaning up pollution which is laudable but with the IPCC propaganda use of shortcut terminology of labling Hunan Induced Climate Change via the burning of hydrocarbons and coal as Climate Change they hoodwink the sisters, just like turkeys in voting for Christmas and end up enslaving themselves over several generations.

  3. and in that case they will deserve to be slaves because you can’t fix stupid! Especially in New York!

  4. What do you propose doing about it? How long will you tolerate government of this sort? Perhaps we need something new to replace government? People worry about their jobs, and their incomes but do they worry about their power?

    Is democracy a meaningful concept? If so, do elections represent a meaningful expression of the concept? The “Yellow Jackets” in France want direct policy referendums. Suppose the population could organize policy options directly and vote on them mandating their execution by politicians and the jailing of same if they refused. Would this be a help?
    Perhaps public offices should be filled by lottery as in sortition?

    Increasingly, it is clear that the Enlightenment has failed. People should be jealous of their personal power and protect it just as the aristocrats of old did. Centralization is the major threat because it gives power to the few under any ideology. Capitalist or socialist, it’s all the same if it gives power to the few. This is a major issue.

    We no more need the tyranny of a so-called majority than we need the tyranny of a minority. Society is not a suicide pact and vicious, destructive ideas should not be tolerated no matter how many people hold them.

    The working class is the most dangerous class in the world because of its acceptance of the doctrine of employment. Employment is the subordination of one person to another. It is the doctrine that important aspects of life will be determined by some other and the individuals affected need take no care of the loss. Capitalists know that they must fight for their position. They know they must fight for their advantage against all comers.

    Politicians belong to the rich and are often the same people. If you are not rich you have no power. When will you do something about it? The parties belong to the rich. When will you do something about it. Elections are managed for the benefit of the few. When will you do something about it. Economic policy is designed to enrich and further enrich the few. When will you do something about it?

    Stop wailing about conditions and start proposing new actions for a new future. Some suggestions to think about. Low interest rates destroy return on investment to savers and encourage investment in worthless projects such as windmills for power. Demand high interest rates to force out low return investments. No more windmills. Again, think oil and gas, or nuclear power. Demand solutions to radiation issues, and push for sources of concentrated power.

    No one ever got anywhere sitting on their ass. But austerity policy insures exactly that for no one will step forward to organize expansion of production. The easiest way to expand production of something is to buy something. This will encourage more production of something.

    Along with a central bank lets have an independent spending authority to maintain aggregate demand. And, given the centralization issue, let the greater part of that spending be through the hoary old proposal of a Guaranteed Annual Income. A payment to be fixed in law and custom and beyond the reach of manipulative politicians defended by a vigilant populace. The concept of unemployment will then be a much less pressing issue.

    And, yes, screw the stock market. Current speculative conditions totally pervert the idea that rising markets mean prosperity. Quite the opposite. Interest driven markets rise on economic failure; not success. High prices for stocks or bonds means high prices to purchase the yearly income they generate. Wealth as currently measured is a ridiculous idea and will ultimately send people who have the most of it to the poor house. The key issue is wealth multiplied by the rate of return which generates income.

    One should no more want to pay high prices for stocks and bonds than one would wish to pay high prices for automobiles or steak or even porridge. These financial instruments are a commodity like any other. Sellers want high prices; sensible, non-speculative buyers want low prices.

    The greatest perversion in markets was created by the progressives of a century ago who railed against coupon clipping and unearned income. In their condemnation of the concentration of wealth and, necessarily, power, they destroyed public acceptance of the real reason for investing itself, to generate an income, replacing it with speculation on price changes which is not investing at all.

    Think about who owns the most of stocks and bonds and therefore who has the current advantage. Who gets the most when selling for providing the least return.

    The current collapse of the West is generated by the commonly accepted ideas residing in most people’s heads. Ideas about politics and economics and much else whose consequences are very destructive. When all is going bad it is most likely due to what you think is good.

    Enough! Remember that under current policies when the ice age comes there will be no power, no light, and no heat. No oil, no gas, no defense against ravening hordes from anywhere.

  5. I think the “dark side” has won. Without an ice age within 2 years the USA will be back in Paris and it will be all over.

    China, India and Russia will power on while the rest of us drown in bull shit.

  6. When it all falls apart, if women survive, they will be slaves and will like it. There will be no mercy for ugly, old, and defiant feminazis.

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