‘Financial Consultant’ Explains World Economics – Video

World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes – Humor

“It’s called laughing as you sink.”


Thanks to Winston Smith for this video

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  1. Starting to feel like a ‘1984’/Purge yet?

    As Detroit Goes, So Goes the Nation… sports to follow Detroit’s model
    ht tps://www.unz.com/sbpdl/just-make-it-illegal-to-hire-white-coaches-nfl-owners-vote-to-offer-incentives-for-franchises-to-develop-nonwhite-coaches-and-promote-nonwhite-executives-in-front-office/

    ht tps://www.heartland.org/publications-resources/publications/as-detroit-goes-so-goes-the-nation
    Publications – As Detroit Goes, So Goes the Nation | Heartland Institute [As Detroit, Heartland… Ice Age Now, the USA Goes, So Goes the Nation… So Goes the World – yikes, eh?] Heartland Institute..no more, bye bye … no more heart, no more Americana. [the beauty of their weapons ain’t so beautiful now]

    Fact Cheka Chekist Stasi Inquisition Karens… coming, coming…
    Lastly, Ice Age Now promotes conspiracy theories such as climate change being a means to destroy the economy and move towards socialism: It’s about destroying the entire economy. [walking point for two+ decades already and finally made it to the big conspiracy list… congrats. Hanging in for 50 MM hits or bust. … and dem Dems are making a list ‘n Cheka n it twice… Dunning–Kruger on steroids.
    ht tps://mediabiasfactcheck.com/ice-age-now/
    ht tps://mediabiasfactcheck.com/conspiracy/
    ht tps://www.desmogblog.com/iceagenow
    ht tps://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Iceagenow.com
    ht tps://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/25/climate-science-deniers-downplaying-coronavirus-pandemic

    July 14, 2020 at 5:43 pm
    why not close the schools? Stop the proper-gander. Dem’s are doing the same as Hitler and Mussolini did. Riot’s , Jobs and Brown shirts . like BLM

    July 15, 2020 at 5:27 am
    You ain’t seen nothing yet. The best is yet to come.

    ht tps://twitter.com/iceagebob?lang=en [first time just now, hang in there Amigo – Adoni said it best.]

    Robert’s book, “Not by Fire but by Ice” has achieved international acclaim with readers around the world. Today, Felix continues his research and is more firmly convinced than ever that the next ice age could begin any day. In fact, he believes it has already begun.
    ht tp://conspiracy-unlimited.blubrry.net/tag/robert-felix/
    ht tp://media.blubrry.com/conspiracy_unlimited/s/content.blubrry.com/conspiracy_unlimited/28-the-coming-ice-age.mp3

    US Election Bait and Switch? [watch/save while still available]
    ht tps://www.bitchute.com/channel/tj99AwcN3zlH/

    Nice work, Comrade. [millions ‘n billions are wakin’ up now]

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