Finland – Hardly any hope for the return of summer

Temperature across the country lower than usual – May see snow next week

25 Aug 2017 – There is hardly any hope for the return of summer temperatures, said meteorologist Yle Tony Hellinen.

In Lapland, the temperature will drop to plus 5 degrees. This means that snow and wet snow are possible on the northern slopes.

“The temperature across the country is lower than usual,” says Hellinen. – As a rule, at this time of year the air warms up to plus 20 (68F) in the south and up to plus 10 (50F) – in the north of Suomi.

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6 thoughts on “Finland – Hardly any hope for the return of summer”

  1. Yep. But I can already hear the Global Warming Bobbleheads… …”2017 was the hottest year ever. Earth has a fever and it’s our fault.”

  2. Given the freeze above 80 Lat. has already started (several weeks earlier in August) and the US tropical storm period has started with the first landfall of the first major Hurricane for ten years following the dissipation 2016 EL Neno.
    It’s very likely, that with the Meridional NAO nature of the atmosphere over the Atlantic the majority of the rain fall from the US storms between now and November will track up the eastern regions of the US, over Greenland (dumping vast amounts of Snow) and then transition eastward over the Norwegian Sea heading for the Northern areas of Finland, dumping snow as they go.
    In much the same track that the last US Hurricane of 2016 ended up parked over Green land and dumped 20Ft of snow on the top of the Ice Cap.
    Given the LA Nena in progress I believe the normal track for tropical storms landfall is either to track across Central America, or as Harvey has done make landfall in the North West of the Caribbean in Texas.
    I also expect to see similar spikes in below freezing temperature from Meridional US weather systems transitioning across the Arctic Ocean during the first three months of the freeze season.

  3. I must say that yesterday was probably the warmest bank holiday I and the rest of the UK have known. Just walking up the road was exhausting and stressful with all that sun beating down on you.
    I needed no encouragement to nip into the pub to sit down and enjoy the shelter. Apologies for drinking too much LOL.
    Well it’s the bank holiday.

    • I agree this was a very rare BH, three days of brilliant weather, all courtesy of the previous Atlantic Hurricane pushing the Jetstream above Scotland and allowing the Azores HP to ridge across the UK.
      UK August Bank Holidays are normally affected by the water vapour outflows from a series of US tropical storms moved towards the UK by the lateral Atlantic Jet Stream. The last F2 Car race in the city centre of Birmingham was significantly affected such a Jetstream and the remnants of a Tropical storm.
      TD Ten off the North coast of Florida is expected to move up the NE US Atlantic seaboard until it merges with the Westerlies and then transitions towards Ireland over the next 10 day period.
      However, at this late stage of the Solar Cycle’s decline to minimum, periods of calm dry sunny UK weather is experienced from time to time. These are referred to as an Indian summers normally hoped for after a soggy July and August and we have had plenty of cold soggy summers just lately.

  4. With freezing temps now in northern Minnesota and no hope for summer in Finland sure indicates that there isn’t any warming going on in the last 50 years, anywhere!! Also many areas across the country have experienced flooding (outside of Harvey’s influence) due to slow moving coldfronts this summer. Also happened in summer 2008.

    This is Climatic Cooling at its best!

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