Not by Fire But by Ice a page turner and a brain burner

I COULDN’T put it down and I read the whole thing in just less than 6 hours!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!

I purchased your book “Not by Fire but by Ice” through Amazon. It was a good thing that I was off work last night… I COULDN’T put it down and I read the whole thing in just less than 6 hours!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! It made more sense than anything I’ve almost ever read, and illustrated the flaws in long-held beliefs that won’t go away to this day, like the demise of the Mammoths and other prehistoric creatures. Its never just “one thing” and the “smoking gun” is usually ONLY the last event in a series of events.

An example I use is Mt Mitchell here in North Carolina. There was a great die-off of the Firs and Balsams. They blamed “acid rain.”  Yes “acid rain” was and is present, but there were other culprits as well, the “Wooly Aphid” an alien parasite that attacked the trees, plus it was drier at that altitude in the 1980’s,

But here’s another little gem that was overlooked… a LOT of these trees were roughly the same age. And they were “old.” Thus they were susceptible to “all of the above…” It was and still is never just “one” thing, or a smoking gun. Your book illustrates this PERFECTLY. It’s always a combination of events that occur in CYCLES, and everything has its own “cycle.”

This book of yours was a “page turner” and a brain burner, and I feel even more enlightened by having read it.~Recorded~ human history is only a few thousand years old, and was not around at the end of the last Ice Age. We’ve been LUCKY,and this will not last….

Great book!!! I will encourage others to read it and buy it as well!!!!!!!

Butch Young

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  1. I got this book last Christmas after months of dropping heavy hints, and I’m glad to say it was worth the wait.
    I was introduced to this website by my dad just before I went to uni, and nearly 7 years on I still check it religiously as it totally reversed my attitude and understanding towards our climate and why it’s changing, and wanted to explore these themes in the book.
    I would highly reccommend this book as it will make you aware of the fascinating changes our climate is going through and the real reasons why these changes are happening, and I have no doubt that in years to come this will be highlighted as one of the original texts that prophesied what will become the inevitable.

  2. That is probably the best way to express my thoughts using words. Well put. Such a phenominal book its hard to put down or not read over and over. Not only does it confirm some thoughts I had but it helped explain others. If that book doesn’t open your mind then nothing will.

  3. You hit the nail on the head – we humans have a nasty habit of trying to attach a single variable as a sole cause, but if anyone has ever looked back at a success or failure I am sure they would see more than one factor involved.

    Maybe that is what the forbidden fruit was all about – that gaining knowledge would only get us into trouble as we have a lmited capacity to grasp complex issues.

  4. “Climate Change” are all about rising energy prices to make everything more expensive. This will enslave people to foodstamps and so on (in america). The “Shadowlords” are planning for the destruction of a certain building to be blown up for their next step. I bet on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

  5. Yep I have the copy right here on my roll table in the living room. I read this book at least 4 times and whenever I have a chance, I read those chapters again. It really is an eye opener of a lifetime !!
    Right now I just read the part of polar wander and aborted reversals – pretty complex stuff. Everybody in the world needs to read this book before it’s too late !!!!!! Also don’t forget the other one – Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps. The chart explaining each magnetic reversal in the past 115,000 years is excellent and points out everything that happened with each reversal in detail.

    • —I have ordered a copy from but because I live in England and it has to come from the States, I have to wait for up to 23 days for it to arrive.

      How annoying…..

  6. This was by far my BEST read of 2011.. brilliant stuff! So good that I read it three times. I pull it out a couple of times a week for reference purposes. You MUST get Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.. it puts so much of the first book into context. Robert, I DO hope you’re still researching and are planning on writing another book? Pleezzz???

  7. I recommend also reading Underworld, the mysterious origins of civilizations by Graham Hancock.

    Alternate viewpoints help keep our minds open and alert.

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