First snow in 50 years paralyzes southern Morocco – Video

Follows unprecedented road conditions across Morocco on January 20, 2018, when 3,100 miles (5,000 km) of roads were closed due to ‘exceptional’ snowfall.

29 Jan 2018 – Now, just 9 days after that exceptional snowfall, the first snow in 50 years to hit southern Morocco has again blocked roads, making travel “absolutely impossible.”

From 6 am Jan 28 to 6 am Jan 29, Amzri received 22 to 30 cm (almost one foot!) of snow and Imdrasse received 10 to 20 cm (3.93 – 7.87 inches).

The snowfall is currently affecting Ouarzazate (gateway to the Sahara Desert), Taroudant and even Zagora, which hasn’t experienced snowfall since 1968.

Ouarzazate’s city center recorded between 1 and 5 cm (0.39 – 1.96 inches) of snow.

Minimum temperatures in this region are expected between -4 and 1 °C (24.8 – 33.8 °F) and maximum between 5 and 9 °C (41 – 48.2 °F).

Lots of photos:

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“Global warming is overheating Morocco!” says greeklignite. “Keep up the good work!”

8 thoughts on “First snow in 50 years paralyzes southern Morocco – Video”

  1. Plato, recounting the story of Atlantis, which he dated to about 9600 to 9700 BC, wrote that the mountains then were taller and more beautiful than they were later. This would seem odd, except that as of 9700 BC, the world was still in an ice age. The sea level was nearly 100 meters lower and more of the mountains would have been snow covered. Today Morocco’s Atlas Mountains have skiing but the news is snow at the lower altitudes as well.

  2. This is what, the third or fourth story in recent years of deep cold intrusion into the Sahara Desert? How many more episodes are necessary before our climate “experts” give serious discussion to what a new LIA would eventually look like?

  3. I remember Quazarzate! I was there in the winter of 1980, in january, with a Dutch travel group. It was nice and sunny then. Surely no snow in those days. That was the very reason we left Holland for an escape trip in the first place. But nowadays even North Africa is no longer out of King Winter ‘s mighty reach. Remarkable…

  4. And if the forecasts are to be believed North Africa and Arab countries are likely to see much, much more before this month and next month (February- March) is out!

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