First snow ever recorded in an AFL game

“It was expected to be a frosty night in the nation’s capital on Friday, but things reached never-before-seen levels during the opening quarter.”

Football fans and commentators were left in disbelief as the heavens opened and snow began to fall during Friday’s game in Canberra, “making it the first time in AFL history snow has fallen during a game.”

“Fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing and those sitting in the stands were just as caught out.

“The commentary team were completely thrown off guard and struggled to keep up with the game as their focus was solely on the falling flakes.”

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9 thoughts on “First snow ever recorded in an AFL game”

  1. That it was the first ever snowfall on a match is surprising because they have been playing Aussie Football for more than 150 years

  2. This is going to happen to American football games.

    Notice all those “open” stadiums with no roofs? What is the NFL going to do when the snow fills these stadiums such that they can play no games?

    Any northern team, with an open stadium ,needs to start booking to do their games either on Saturdays, or during the week, at another location….It is going to be fun to watch.

    Also, the NFL will have to book ALL Super Bowl games in Southern Climates since a game, in February, north of the Florida-Georgia Line will be snowed in and nobody will be able to get into-out of the Airport or the Stadium.

  3. It’s not unusual for Canberra to get some winter nights below freezing but snow falling at that relatively low altitude doesn’t happen every year. The week to come looks very chilly in the Snowy Mountains.

  4. On August 10 it snows in Canberra during a football match – something that has never been recorded in the history of the AFL which officially commenced on 8 May 1897 – 122 years.

    However, Canberra has only realistically existed as a city since after the 2nd world war so ~74 years.

    It has snowed before during a football, not AFL but Rugby, game in 2000 in Canberra.

    “Our ABC” reported this event and followed it up with Attenborough’s “Climate Change – The Facts” on Sunday night just in case some of us decided to become a little less certain we’re all gonna burn because it can still snow in our capital city despite all those billions of tons of the demon gas !

    And what about that score – 13.7 (85) to 4.5 (29) ? No other sport has such a bewildering score line.

  5. Anthropogenic Global warming is now truly present down under!
    IpCC, eat your predictions and choke happily ever after

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