First ‘summer-less’ July in Denmark in 38 years

A ‘summer day’, which is defined as any day in which temperatures top 25C (77F) at least somewhere in Denmark.

According to the Danish Meteorology Institute (DMI), July is likely to end without reaching 77F anywhere in the country.

If that prediction holds up, it will mark the first time that Danes will have suffered through a summer-less July in nearly four decades.

“There are only three years in our records in which July contains a big fat zero when it comes to summer days and temps above 25C. That’s 1962, 1974 and 1979,” climatologist John Cappelen said on the DMI website.

DMI’s database goes back to 1874.

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6 thoughts on “First ‘summer-less’ July in Denmark in 38 years

  1. If all those cyclones that we have at the north and south poles continue into winter it should prove very interesting. Check out the wind map on . This year is very different from last year at the 850 height.

  2. i guess its a ll relative to the area but 25c is just warm enough to start looking for shorts and thinking about summer sandals over socks n sneakers for me;-) assuming no cool breezes.
    be slow crop ripening for sure.

  3. After all the earlier heatwave hysteria from our legacy media and fake news outlets we have a searing hot 70F today. You could have sun bathed yesterday if you didn’t mind the goose bumps from the cold wind.

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