Fish frozen to death in South Korea

25 Jan 2018 – See photo of a fisherman scooping dead striped beakperches out of a fish farm in the sea off the town of Goheung on South Korea’s southwestern coast. The fish are believed to have frozen to death.

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2 thoughts on “Fish frozen to death in South Korea”

  1. Fish don’t freeze to death, they starve of oxygen. Either they got some oxygen malfunction due to unexpected frost, or they do not oxygenate and this happened as a result of ice forming on the surface. Fish farms are usually crowded so much that fish breathe out all oxygen pretty quickly, if you block the supply.

  2. Why do some fish freeze and some don’t?

    Salmon don’t freeze (in the wild), and a few other “cold water” fish don’t, either. WHY

    Omega 3. Get every book you can on it and read up on it.

    Our brains are made of it. Our cell membranes NEED it…..

    So, why are other fish freezing to death? Water is getting too cold for their membrane structures (it is why butter is solid in your frig but Omega 3 can stay liquid in your freezer)……. As the oceans get colder, the warm water fish will be pushed into the Equatorial region causing a REDUCTION is fish stock across the world.

    Add THAT to the land based crop failures coming and think how are “we” going to feed 7 Billion people in a few years?

    We aren’t.

    THANK your lucky God that you live in the US. At least we will be able to grow, harvest, and fish what little we can, put export RESTRICTIONS on all food, and survive, perhaps, what is coming.

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