Fist fights over loaves of bread

More than three feet (one meter) of snow fell in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, on Saturday, closing roads and public transportation, says this article in The Star.

“Some neighbourhoods reported water shortages, and residents struggled to make it to local shops to shore up on food. Several people said they witnessed fist fights in shops over loaves of bread.”

As I warned in “Not by Fire but by Ice, “I think we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered with ice.”  (p.215)

See entire article:–europe-paralyzed-by-snow-bosnia-declares-state-of-emergency

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  1. Always the poor that suffer most.But the hungry poor start revolutions. People that have nothing to lose.

  2. I think you’re right about that !
    “we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered with ice.” (p.215)

  3. Mmmm, The poorest of the poor are used to scrabbling for food. It would be the middle class who would not get down and dirty fast enough to grab that loaf. I live in what has become the barrio and while my neighbors are nice now, they know how to take care of themselves if worse comes to worse.

    • When did the middle class start being portrayed as this limp wristed, simpering group of cry babies? I am middle class and I can get down and scrabble with the best of them. The middle class are, in evolutionary terms, the generalists. We can thrive in many different environments and we always survive. The middle class will do just fine thank you very much. Its those life forms that have evolved to live in only one environment or survive on only one or two types of food that find their way into the fossil record (go extinct). Same rules apply in the socio-economic jungle as the real jungle.

  4. It was the plan of the global cabal to keep humanity in dark and put us in endless debate of global warming…when they very well knew..its just a hoax…it was all designed for us humans to not prepare but go in endless debate whether global warming is real or not..

    Time is running out for humanity…PREPARE NOW>>>>ICE AGE IS HERE…

    • Common man! The US has resisted global warming. We still have refused to sign the Kyoto Protocols the only 1st world country to do so (I say proudly). Canada has denounced them. China and a host of other countries are talking about leaving them. No global elites are trying to cause mass deaths. The agw hoax is wearing thing. Thanks to folks like Robert we are winning this battle! Keep moving forward folks.

  5. its a real concern that people will fight over store bough bread, when with a little effort they could make scones damper or bread at home with a little flour and some beer or bicarb if they have no yeast.
    we have a hell of a lot of people with little initiative and low basic food prep skills. reliance on daily shopping is insane, everyone should have a least a week if not a months food stored at all times. failure to do so makes you a Liability not an asset in times of crisis.

    • Yes I agree, but its only a few people. I think the vast majority of us know how to make some sort of bread even if its just a pancake. Here in Cali there is a big govt sponsored propaganda program designed to encourage just that sort of thinking. Earth quakes, tsunamis, the occasional race riot being not unheard of events in this neck of the woods. Everyone is encouraged to keep at least 72 hours of food and water on hand. Most keep a lot more.


      Whew! I feel better now.

      Yes Laurel, we should all be prepared to fend for ourselves, and be ready to be a shelter for others. I keep at least 3-4 months of food on hand and rotate through the stock. I have a generator and @ 40 gallons of gasoline on hand, or about a week’s worth of electricity. Did I mention my firearms, ammunition and acreage full of rabbits, deer and quail? 😉

  6. Er….how can there be a water shortage if you have THREE FEET OF SNOW OUT YOUR KITCHEN WINDOW?!?!? Just askin’….

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