Flint breaks all-time record for snowfall

“This winter is one for the history books, at least  for Flint, Michigan,” says the Detroit Free Press.

The city has set a new record for its snowiest winter, according to the National Weather Service.

Flint was hit with 85.3 inches of snow this season, breaking the record of 83.9 inches set in 2014.

Additional snowfall is looking unlikely in the coming weeks, the weather service said, but “anything remains possible.”


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3 thoughts on “Flint breaks all-time record for snowfall”

  1. An area that was covered in glaciers when it was COLDER is now covered in snow because of global WARMING, because of climate change, because of too many humans. So, even if the Great Lakes become the Great Glaciers, it was somehow our fault, global warming is still real, and Flint residents should keep drinking poisonous water because solar cells and windmills will save the planet.

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